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Tips to Improve Your Private Practice Scheduling

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Are you a solo practitioner and with every turn of the handle, the growing pressure makes your practice inefficient and much more painful? With a lot of patient bases, it must be getting difficult for you to manage your administrative as well as cope up with your medical practice. If you’re struggling with private practice scheduling woes that includes keeping track of your appointments, choosing the right meeting times, and minimizing no-shows or cancellations, you’ve come to the right post. We’ll look into some important tips to help you create a smoother private practice scheduling process.

Private Practice Scheduling
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Automatic online bookings-

In this digital era, customers look for services and take decisions on the internet. When a prospective client finally takes that step and books an appointment with you, be quick to confirm. Automate your bookings through a calendar view booking page that can easily sync any of your favorite calendars Google or Outlook, where your clients can easily check your availability and book with comfort. Don’t worry about long patient waits or messy schedules.

Focus physician time on patient care-

To maximize their value to the practice, physicians and other providers should spend at least 37 hours per week on direct patient care. In a group practice, there are better opportunities to realize this goal, with the distribution of efforts, but don't give up on it as a solo physician either.

Improve patient inflow-

Regardless of the patient mix, the goal is to have an efficient schedule. Focus on providing appropriate care to all of your patients with the most productive time possible. If you feel overloaded seeing a patient every 20 minutes, the process needs reform and you can easily do it by the drag and drop option on your calendar... Avoid schedule gaps, and stay on schedule.

Eliminate overtime-

There is no point in stressing yourself over time. In fact, it often results from poor organization or performance, or from accidental double bookings. Examine the reasons for overtime. You might find that it is really for convenience, not necessity, and can be eliminated by reassigning duties. Don't get to the point where you work more and stress yourself out with troubles caused by inaccurate private practice scheduling.

Recur Appointments-

Most of the time, you’ll have some clients who see you every week and others who see you every alternate week. Weekly clients are the bloodline for private practice because they become a dependable source of income. But what about those biweekly clients who can’t afford to come every week? Repeat their appointments with a simple recurring option. If you have at least two biweekly clients, arrange your schedule so that they each fill the same appointment time slot, just on alternating weeks.

Keep flawless records and cut down paperwork-

Every business needs to be well-organized, but for medical practices, it can be even more important to keep detailed records of each and every patient you deal with. Because of the nature of your services, the data flowing through your business must be handled with utmost care. So, how can you run your administrative processes efficiently, yet ensure your clients’ privacy is secured? The best way is through online appointment scheduling software. You can keep a track of all your appointments in this web-based tool, managing appointment data from a single login. It’s also a client-data powerhouse. You can store release forms, treatment plans, and progress notes all within the software.

Generate invoices-

Having perfect records not only helps when it’s time to prepare invoices but also protects you in the case of legal action. So, do yourself a favor and be sure to exercise the appropriate level of due diligence in selecting a software provider to store all your important data.

Administration and medical practice go hand in hand. You will fall out of place if either of them is overlooked. Keep your medical practice well organized all by yourself with the help of scheduling software that brings your management and medical practice together. Sign up with Picktime for free!

Happy scheduling!

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