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Best Arts School Registration and Class Booking Software 2020

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When throwing it back to our childhood memories, all of us had the experience of dipping our little fingers into buckets of paint and pretending to be the little artist painting walls and floor! Most of us leave it as a mark of memory while few of us find passion towards it, hence building life towards being artists and art tutors.

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Learn to paint without boundaries. Art has no limit to creativity or imagination. You could put everything on the canvas or drawing sheets. Draw, sketch, paint, carve what not? You could find all your inspiration and relaxation through different forms of art. For those who want to learn the various art forms or choose Art to be their profession, they take up your classes for assistance and help. If you’re an artist inspiring young minds and molding them to master the art forms then you need to put up with the classes apart from the art setup. Right from organizing art classes for weeks together or time to time fun art sessions with the kids or. group art classes at schools or organizations, a huge pile of appointments every day to deal with, kills your creative time!

Nevertheless, we have the technology! The unique needs of arts organizations are easily met with the Picktime- online art school registration and class booking software system. Arts organizations often require unique features to efficiently manage members, donors, students, registrations, communication with parents or school administrators, and class bookings.

Benefits of using Picktime as Class Booking Software

1. Manage everything online-

You don’t have to take the hassle on carrying a pen and paper and answer your client's calls every time. Automate with our online booking software helps you to build enrollment and even suggestive sells memberships to individuals registering for art classes and workshops who may not be aware of your membership services and options. Members can not only join online they can even renew their memberships with you online and manage their memberships online as well. The recurring bookings option could make it possible for your clients to juggle their classes according to your availability.

2. Class booking-

Picktime has got all the effective tools you need for your art classes! Create a class and set a number of how many can attend it at the venue and time. Review your analytics and see which classes are doing well and where other classes aren’t going on... with this you will have the complete control over your bookings and classes. No more flooding or messing up with tight schedules.

3. Integrate with your personal calendar-

Love your Google calendar and the ease in using it? Integrate Google or Outlook calendars and block off your personal times before creating the booking page. Integrate with other tools to keep all the data streamlined. Your calendars will always be in-sync and accounting will be a breeze! No ads to interrupt your workflow too!

4. Reduce No-shows with automated reminders-

Studies show that customers find it easy to get reminders about their upcoming bookings… 60 percent of them check their mail or SMS and confirm their upcoming classes. This cuts down the No-shows and late run appointments, incredibly saving your time and revenue. Picktime, sends automatic reminders and alerts to both customers and the workforce, even taking buffer time into consideration. With Picktime, you can set up reminder times and send them as a confirmation to all your customers.

5. Subscription Plans-

Picktime comes with no hidden charges or installation charges! We understand the efforts that individual tutors or small scale businesses put up, for achieving success. All you gotta do is sign up for free and access the account from anywhere, anytime with any device connected to the internet. Well, all of you must be wondering why Picktime has free plan. We are giving legacy accounts for all of our early business users. But even if we have a paid plan in the future, there will always be a free plan. Giving legacy accounts for all our early users is a token of gratitude for supporting us and giving us invaluable feedback.

Whether you’re an individual art tutor working for an organization or do not hold any office for meeting up your clients, or a group of art teachers with lots of enthusiasm to give classes to your students! Start with Picktime to make your business multiply all the benefits and profits. Time and monetary savings implicitly boost up your productivity. Let your creativity flow by integrating with Picktime. Sign up for free and unwrap all the golden features that solve your managerial issues in a single go!

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