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How a House Cleaning Company Uses Online Scheduling Software

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Cleaning businesses bring order and cleanliness to mess and turmoil. They are the basic service providers for various cleaning and maintenance needs in homes, office buildings, and industrial plants. And, they’re on the rise. When you’re running a busy house cleaning business, you can’t afford to waste time juggling schedules and dispatching workers to multiple locations. Yes, the industry is booming. But that growth can take you even further if you use the right tools (for example, a cleaning service booking software).

House Cleaning Business Scheduling Software
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Both residential and commercial cleaning crews can benefit from polishing out their operations so they can focus more on customer service. Ultimately, helping them stand out against adversaries. The coordination may mislead to serious troubles if you’re not keeping it clear and informed to your crew. Cleaning business scheduling software is a great place to look for cost and time savings.

Scheduling shifts

Between your schedule, your clients’ and your crew, finding a quick way to assign people and make sure the work gets done can be tough. Add in a last-minute cancellation or extra appointment, and everything gets flung off. It should be easier to see who is working when and know that your clients are getting the attention they deserve. Online scheduling software can save you time by making it easy to book jobs and assign them to team members. Some tools even send you alerts when a member of your team doesn’t clock in by the start time or misses a shift. These alerts can keep you from having to check in all the time or track down your team working at any place.

Invoicing clients

The only thing better than a job well done is the reward for it i.e. payment quickly received. Instead of manually preparing invoices or sending them out weeks after a job is done, you can create invoices easily using your booking software itself on hourly rates. This way you can keep your clients and crew stay up to date. Depending on the level of complexity you’re after, you can completely streamline your accounting using booking or management software or simply rely on a couple of tools for invoicing and estimating. Either way, the right invoicing software can save you time and make it easier for your clients to pay you. No more waiting for checks in the mail, or worries about delayed payments.

Paying your team

For hourly employees, many cleaning companies choose to manage payroll manually. This involves daily entry of work log by the worker, in addition to the number of hours you spend managing and issuing payments. Manual administration tasks like managing payroll can be time-consuming. By generating automatic payroll, it ensures that all your employees get paid according to their hourly rates. It means that payroll is on time for your team, every single time. This feature allows you to manage payroll with ease, so you can focus on more important aspects of your cleaning business.

Build customer trust

The key to any successful cleaning business is good relationships with your customers. Know your customers and provide industry-leading service by sending Automated SMS reminders and follow-up emails right from your desk by logging into your scheduling accounts. Your customers feel that they are getting the attention they deserve and keep bouncing back to you whenever they need a house cleaning service.

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