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Top productivity tips for hair salon business growth

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Establishing a hair salon business may seem like a walk in the park. But the real challenge is running that business successfully. The basic strategy of every business is to attract more clients and ensure a better cash inflow. But it takes more than that to make your business productive and ascertain steady growth.

hair salon business productivity tips
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Useful tips to vitalize your hair salon business

Here are some tips to increase the productivity of your hair salon business-:

Focus on brand recognition

Have a unique name, color and a distinct logo for your brand. Build a business website that showcases the services and products you offer, your specialties, your team, location, contact information and perks of availing your services. Roll out advertisements on social media, door-to-door delivery of pamphlets and leaflets or TV- whatever fits in your budget.

Try an Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Online appointment scheduling software will get your business needs covered. You can manage client bookings, staff working hours, and management of services through such software. Try Picktime for free. It is an online appointment scheduling software designed to make your business operations easier. Schedule appointments, take bookings round the clock, check on your employees, and generate revenues through just one software!

Find your Niche

You must be familiar with the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Specializing in every service does not let you differentiate from your competitors. Millions of salons around the world offer the same benefits. You will need to conduct market research to address the needs of customers. Find out what difference you can make and start working on it.

Attract different Salon Clientele

Having a diverse clientele is necessary for growing your hair salon business. The image, reputation, and revenue generated by your hair salon business are directly related to how many new clients you serve every day. Hence, it is always advisable to cater to different clients like men and women of all age groups and children. Decide the average number of clients you want each of your staff to serve in a day.

Improve your Salon’s Ambience

Set the mood of your space with a sophisticated interior design. Turn on some soothing music. Make space for the children's play area in your salon to make the parents unwind after a tiring day. Install magazines or newspaper racks in your salon for customers waiting in the lounge. Diffuse some lavender or rosemary fragrances in the air for aromatherapy.

Try Online Booking of Services

Everyone is busy as a bee. Therefore, customers prefer booking their salon appointments online during leisure hours. Online appointment scheduling software offers 24x7 online booking services, tells customers the real-time availability of services, and lets them make advance payments immediately. Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling software that allows your customers to book appointments 24x7 through an online booking page. Customers can easily make transactions through payment processors like credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe(upcoming feature).

Give out seasonal/special offers

Give seasonal and festive offers on haircuts, hair treatment and spa. Notify your customers about the upcoming festive discounts and offers through SMS and email reminders. You may also send them e-gift cards through email.

Create a referral programme

Let your recurring customers refer your services to friends and family members. Offer discounts on services and products to customers for bringing in new people. Strategize a referral programme by considering the cost of the products used in every service and the duration needed to complete it. Provide a unique referral code for each customer.

Offer membership/gift cards

You may offer membership plans to your loyal customers. Encourage your existing customers to purchase gift cards for their family and friends. Advertise these gift cards at the payment counter, your website & social media profile, via email & store windows and advertisements.

Boost your staff’s morale

A happy employee is a productive employee. Announce awards like Employee of the Week or Employee of the Month to boost your employee’s confidence. Give perks to your employees. Install a vending machine and free Wi-Fi in your salon to let your employees relax during break hours.

Highlight client feedback

Client feedback mirrors how your salon business is performing. Highlight your client feedback on your website to increase your credibility. Remember that word-of-mouth and recommendations from experienced people can help your business expand its horizon by attracting more customers and diversifying services.

Write blogs/Sponsor beauty bloggers

Write daily/weekly blogs about beauty tips, the recent trends in the beauty industry, and the latest celebrity looks, and share them on your website to attract the target audience. Offer free services or salon tours to beauty influencers which they may endorse on social media, and offer a discount to their followers with a unique promo code.

There are numerous marketing strategies to help your salon business to grow. But it is not necessary to follow all the strategies. Opt for a marketing strategy depending on your type of salon business, its size and employee strength. Deliver a never-felt-before experience to your clients to stand out from the crowd.

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