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6 Things that damage your workplace productivity - How to avoid it?

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Do you always feel that your work is not as productive as you expected? You may be thinking of how other people manage their work in such a way that they always get profits and are out of stress. You always face problems in your workplace productivity and tend to postpone the work daily. It may be another problem for you. This problem is faced by most people. You can overcome this problem by knowing the factors that cause the problem and by trying to rectify them. Here are some things that damage your workplace productivity.

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1. Lack of scheduling

You may feel scheduling is the easiest task but it’s not what you think. Many people struggle to increase their productivity because they don’t properly organize their time. If you don’t schedule your things in an organized way then even the easiest task becomes troublesome and consumes a lot of time. Even multitasking will not help you if your schedule is not properly organized. It disturbs all the remaining works if they are not scheduled properly. You need the help of online scheduling software to schedule all your business appointments, works, and make you free from this stress. You can schedule the appointments by yourself but this also may take time which is a very important factor for you.

One of the best free appointment scheduling software is PICKTIME. Creating an account in Picktime will help you very much and it is helpful for you to schedule all your business appointments in one platform. You can also add multiple businesses to a single account and can manage all of them simultaneously. You can also sync your google calendar to your account and can manage your schedules perfectly. Your appointments are all made online using this software and most of the customers will love to book their appointments online. In this way, you can save a lot of time which you can invest in growing your business.

2. No Manual Staff Management

Your staff is very important for the growth of your business. You will not be able to attend to all your customers. Your staff will be dealing with your customers and if your staff are not satisfied with you or if the staff are not well organized then you have to face the consequences. If your staff are not free when the customers arrive then you will face difficulties and sometimes you may lose the customers. So you should be very careful in managing the customers.

These works can be easily carried by the PICKTIME software. Each staff will have their login. They can manage their calendar along with the business calendar. You can add your services and team to your business account and the clients can select the services along with the team members available to the specified slot. The software will show the remaining slots to other customers and there will not be any chaos regarding the staff. In this way, you can continue your business peacefully and can gain profits.

3. Not Starting on time

Starting your work late will reduce your work productivity. You may come to work on time but you complete the tasks that you have postponed the before day may affect your present work. PICKTIME helps you to do your tasks at the correct time. Whenever an appointment is booked for your service this scheduling software sends alert messages to you and your customers through email. This reminds both of you to be on time. This software also sends an email if the appointment is rescheduled. Since time is the most important factor for you to manage your business this software helps you to manage that time.

4. Unorganized workspace

Your physical workspace also affects productivity. If the workspace is organized, it will help increase productivity since it drives the staff to work more. If the workspace is not organized then it will deploy productivity. Organizing your workspace perfectly is directly proportional to the way to manage your time. You can organize your workspace into zones. Each zone will be corresponding to a certain task that is to be performed during the day or week. The reason to organize your workspace is that it reduces the burden of your workload.

5. Not prioritizing

Not setting priorities may also negatively affect workplace productivity. It is most important to set your priorities before starting your work for the day. Properly organizing your priorities will help you to complete your work efficiently. If you focus on the main 20% of your work then you will get 80% of the results from that work. So you should focus on prioritizing important works. That 20% of work will boost your productivity compared to other minor tasks.

6. Social media

In this modern era, social media plays a major role in everyone’s life. So this social media affects workplace productivity immensely. PICKTIME offers you an online booking page link that you can share on all your social media sites that will increase your customers. You should maintain a social platform for both personal and professional purposes. You should also post your events on your social platforms to update your customers and get their appointments.

If you follow these things properly then you can save your workplace productivity from damage and can improve your business to a larger extent.

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