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Schedule Customer Onboarding to reduce the churn

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It is no secret that your customers are the ultimate bread and butter for all your service-oriented businesses. Although you remain the best in giving out your services or products, you might still face problems while actually introducing them into the market and how your customers are receiving it.

Customer Onboarding Tips

With the outgrowing importance of the internet and the ready accessibility of it in the modern era, more than 90 percent of the customers would love to book your services online but face poor experiences while booking them hence opening the potholes for the downfall of your business that can no longer stand in the competitive market! This is absurd! You have given your 100 percent for building your business but failed to prove your worth when it came to serving your customers.

What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding is more like a cumulative term, not a technical one, that is used to get all your customers onboard with the services you provide. Engaging your customers into fantastic ways to know more about all the services you provide one a single platform is the smartest way to put your business forward. Trust me! With the right customer onboard experience, your business multiplies the profits while you saving the thankless hours.

An exceptional customer onboarding process involves step-by-step tutorials, dedicated guidance and support, and milestone celebrations when a customer finds his success through your solution.

How is it important?

The top two reasons for customers heave are either they don’t understand your services easily or they don’t gain any value from it. A positive onboarding experience chops down all such troubles and clears the confusion in your customer's mind. It confirms that all your customers have made the right choice, and it ultimately, helps you to retain them.

The way you engage your customers sets the ongoing relationship with your business. This helps you in the retention of the old customers and warmly welcome the new ones. As mentioned earlier your customers are the bread and butter for your business at the end of the day!

How to attract your customers onboard?

With a million and one things occupying your brain, you must be breaking out your head for finding ways to engage your customers with the services. It is much easier with an online scheduling software at your fingertips! Find software that addresses all the best problems faced by your customer. Placing yourself in the boots of your customer is the easiest and smartest way to come up with a simple solution.

The best way to grab the attention of new customers and engage them with your services is not by forcing them to watch the video tutorials, instead make the process easy by simplifying all the available features readily accessible. The whole point of customer onboarding is providing a comfortable and hassle-free experience for any customer who has used your booking page, right from searching what they need, to confirming their bookings!

Attaining Lifetime Customers-

Increasing the lifetime value of your customer and gaining their trust is the main motto for customer on-boarding. Most of the customers complain about how typical their experiences were while making a booking. How much they were annoyed waiting for a really long time to actually go from the home page of the website to the booking page. Its really time consuming and an inefficient idea that draws all the energy out of your customers. Don't let that happen… be sure your services are easy and quick to use within a couple of clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions-

Create a small subsection for frequently asked questions and allow users to solve their problems quickly and autonomously. Another feature called chatbot serves as a great option since it provides a personalized touch and helps users solve their problems without them having to search the entire website for an answer. Boost up the availability for the customers through the chat or service wizard and clarify their doubts! They would be forever grateful for the help.

24/7 Assistance-

Another most important part of the onboarding experience is teaching your customers how to use and get value from your product. The best way for customers to learn is to let them use the product themselves and learn by doing. Post tutorials about the features and how they could make use of them and ling them up on your website!

One of the best service online scheduling software available on the internet is Picktime- it is completely user-friendly with an interactive walk through. All you gotta do is sign up for free, no installation charges , yeah that’s true you can try our free plan!

Make use of Picktime and all its amazing features I'm pretty sure that your customers get thrilled with the ease in using it!

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