How do beauty services and scheduling software go hand in hand?

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With hundred things occupying your brain, as a salon owner, you always try to give your best shot when it comes to extending your beauty services to the clients.

Being the most desirable field nowadays, the beauty services with its glamour and ardor is prolific with opportunities and rewards.

Though you don't find enough space to spend with your family or loved ones, you keep striving hard to put your business on top of everything to follow your passion. With the ever-growing competition in the market, you go mad chasing your dreams! More likely to get frustrated with the tedious agenda, sometimes leading to messy and disorganized stuff all around

Cut the crap, buddies! We live in an age where we get plain-sailing tools to put your work on pace! One such successful tool is the online scheduling software

Get to know more about scheduling software and how the magic works by the end of this article- Get set, Go!

You have always dream about owning a salon and today your dreams may have come true and probably you’re looking out for ways to manage it well. Salon management is not always sunshine and sunflowers, it comes with greater challenges to face, oceans to cross and miles to go! You may work on your own terms with flexible hours of the day, with the team that supports your dream and follows your lead! I'm afraid that’s not the only thing to keep you on top and I can see that you’re totally agreeing with the things I’ve mentioned about if you’re already failing to manage your salon.

You need someone more than a receptionist or a manager to plan and track your business. As a business leader you got truckloads of things to manage, apart from owning the salon, you need to motivate your team every day to make their work come out effectively, with the present client inflow you need to grab every opportunity to attract more as well as maintain your allegiance with the old ones, you obviously want to fill your pockets and get contented with the work you always dream about.

With your daily activities to manage and competing with others, every salon wants to go an extra mile to win their clients heart and gaining their trust is not as simple as it seems to be!

To be a successful salon owner, you need to be more realistic when it comes to the planning and organizing the work with minimum disruptions. Less time on switching hats and sticking to a plan is all that it takes for success to follow you.

How do you make time for growing your business when there are million things that need your attention? This is when technology comes to the rescue! Swoosh!

Technology has swoon us in such a way that we still can’t get enough of the miracles it does in every aspect of our busy lives. It has changed the way we look at the world, how we communicate across the globe, and how things were made easy peacey! Nevertheless it has always been a boon in keeping us a step ahead than others! Upgrading your salon in smarter ways will bloom your budding business and makes it your cup of tea.

Trust me you will make every day a better one, once you blend in the technology such as online scheduling into your salon.

But how does that help?

Increased number of bookings-

The smile and the sign of satisfaction that you get to see while your client leaves your doorsteps is the only way to know how well your business is picking up pace. Let your clients get the opportunity to book any kind of services that you provide with zero efforts round the clock, they can do it while they are in shower, while they drive or while they even hang out with their buddies, give them the power and create a user-friendly platform instead forcing them into annoying back and forth phone calls and voicemails or a streak of emails and messages.

The more comfortable they are while booking the more they tend to show up at your salon every time they need a beauty service. (Of course, they have to find your services worthy as well)

Empowering your team-

Your salon is as good as your team working on different purposes. Once your team gets motivated enough they have more fairer chances of getting involved into the work they do… Communication is the key for a successful teamwork and it is always achieved by keeping your team happy! Let them have their space while they’re at work and you being the leader could assign them with tasks right from your desk! Just enter your staff details, add little descriptions or services they’re best at and let your clients choose them with ease. Everything through the online scheduling software! Heck Yeah that’s true, whether you’re team is working in the salon or off to home services let them know their upcoming appointments within a couple of clicks, add their day offs or roosters or recurring appointments with ease. Sounds relaxing, isn't it?

Remember, a well performing team brings out the best client services, increased revenue and a better business for you.

Smart To-do-list-

The scheduling software pops up your daily checklist and you can work on the pieces of work everyday to get the ultimate outcomes. As long as you have an internet connection, log in from any of your smart devices and see how things are going on in your salon, watch over your clients, watch over your team while you’re comfortably sitting at your desk and sipping your coffee or rather investing your time into something productive… with the easy calendar view, look at your appointments and bookings in a quick glance.

Go through your colorful dashboard every morning and flourish your business through the smartest ways possible while you immensely save your time.

Automate to save time-

One of your serious goals is to spend time with your family, as a business owner you crave to make time for your loved ones, we understand that! Seamlessly, Block certain time slots for your family to relieve your stress and leave space for taking up responsibilities. Tech systems have the power to let you control your day instead of depending on someone else. You could do it all by yourself just by syncing any of your personal favorite calendar such as google or outlook to make scheduling piece of cake.

Reduced no shows-

No shows and last minute cancellations are the worst nightmares for every business perhaps this happens only when your clients forget about their upcoming bookings or even annoyed by your constant SMS flooding their phones. Chop this down! Reduce the no shows by simply sending them a SMS or an email reminder just before their booking day! This creates a huge impact on increasing your revenues and more chances for the client to show up on time.. No more long queues at your door or accidental double bookings…

Stay connected with your clients-

You’re business can't grow if your customers are not satisfied with the services you provide, whether the beauty services, the hospitality or simply the online bookings you provide. Maintain the rapport with your client and stay in touch with them between appointments by leaving a simple SMS, that's when you’re always strike their mind when one of their friends ask for a recommendation or when the client himself needs to get a service booked!

With the cloud software in your hands, you are always welcome to track the data regarding your appointments or clients or even staff within seconds. All thanks to the one who has come up with this idea!

Make use of Picktime, the free online scheduling software and watch your beauty services business grow strong day by day! Happy scheduling to you and your clients!

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