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Quick hack for vaccination slot booking management with a simple scheduling tool

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As the world continues to grapple with the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, vaccines have been the only ray of hope that has kept us prepared for the challenges lying ahead. Doctors, authorities, and social workers have been continuously making public appearances through television, digital media, and print media to sermonize the importance of vaccination. Within days of countries around the globe opening up their vaccination drive, people have rushed towards digital platforms for booking vaccine appointments. Several websites have been launched that generate emails when vaccine slots are available and send notifications via SMS. However, getting an appointment at this time seems like a lucky draw! Even after multiple log-in attempts in apps launched by the government and specific hospitals and clinics, vaccination slots are unavailable.

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Additionally, there is confusion regarding the opening up of vaccination slots because of a lack of prior information on slot availability. People have been refreshing their webpage for hours in the hope of getting an appointment. But sadly, there is no logic on how the vaccination slots are getting booked randomly within seconds of opening. People have also been receiving delayed one-time passwords, due to which they cannot book vaccination slots on time. Even if these people get a chance, they have to stand in long queues in clinics and hospitals to take their dose of vaccination but return home without the vaccine. The reason? Shortage of vaccines!

Taking small steps in the right direction can lead you towards the best solutions that you need in your life. Hence, what doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers need is to address these issues with vaccination slot booking management with a simple scheduling tool. An online appointment scheduling software works as a hospital management system that allows you to take bookings from your patients 24x7. Maintaining patient databases, payments, and assigning appointment slots will be easier. If a patient fails to turn up, you may provide the appointment slot to the next patient on the waitlist. It also ensures hassle-free staff and resource management in your clinic/hospital. You can control the duration and service for which you are assigning the resource to your employees. Reap benefits like managing vaccination appointments, taking payments, class bookings for multiple appointments, invoice generation, staff management, and much more through an online appointment scheduling software.

Have you been considering web-based appointment scheduling software for easy vaccination slot booking management? Picktime is an online appointment scheduling software designed for stress-free vaccination slot booking management that will be the best choice for doctors and hospital staff to cater to all these issues.

Key Features of Picktime that allow effective vaccination slot booking management

A personalized Online Booking Page

Create and customize an online booking page to let patients schedule vaccination appointments 24x7 with just one click! Share the link with people ready to take the vaccination via SMS and email. You may make this online booking page available on your clinic or hospital's official website.

Online Booking Form

Picktime grants faster vaccination slot booking management. Just create and customize an online booking form in your online booking page settings. Then, you can gather the necessary details for registration for the vaccine, such as name, age, contact information, personal identification number, and the type of vaccination. There is no need to hire someone to note patient details; let patients self-register through Picktime.

Recurring appointments

Picktime permits people to schedule group bookings for vaccination through the class booking feature and allows them to make a partial payment or full payment to confirm their booking.


Waiting in a queue for vaccination can be frustrating for patients. Especially if you run a clinic or a salon, time is an essential factor for maintaining cordial relationships with your customers. But now, if a customer cancels their pre-booked appointment for vaccination, you can give the slot to the next customer in line with Picktime's Waitlist feature. Let Picktime make sure none of the people leaves without getting jabbed.

Easier Payments

There is no need to rely on other sources for looking after your clinics/hospital finances. Picktime has worked with PayPal,(Square and Stripe are upcoming) to facilitate card transactions of all your bookings. In addition, you may make people pay while booking an appointment to curb the loss of potential customers.

Automated SMS and email reminders

Patients often tend to forget that they have an appointment. This is one of the major reasons why many businesses see a lot of no-shows or late check-ins. It is also highly inconvenient to keep reminding patients of their appointments through phone calls and manual messaging. You can send automated messages to patients when an appointment is booked and about their upcoming appointments through email and SMS. It is not just limited to patients, and you can also send them to your staff.

Maintain patient database

You can record your patient's contact information, identification number, the date for the next dose of vaccination, and all other necessary details. This will make the vaccination process quicker, and your patients would not need to go through detailed form-filling processes!

Multiple location access

Picktime will let your clients book appointments for vaccination in any of your office locations. Additionally, if you run a chain of clinics, you can keep a check on all your office locations and monitor what your staff is doing.

Staff Scheduling & Management

Schedule services to your staff according to their working hours. You can also add break hours for each staff and allocate resources to them. Picktime notifies your team members about the scheduled appointments via email. It also lets you choose the permissions you give to your staff to handle their dashboard. You can automatically generate reports of your team's performance to know which staff has provided the best service for that particular week or month; it will give you better insights about your staff and help you reward them.

Analytical reports for better hospital management

Numbers speak louder than words! With Picktime’s dashboard, get insights about everything from how many people have been vaccinated on a particular day to how much revenue you have generated. You will get all the information in a graphical format. See all your upcoming appointments and your total revenue. Know which services are doing the worst and take measures or discuss with your team what you can do to make it better.

Highlight patient reviews

Let your patients evaluate and express their opinion on your services and share their experiences with your staff. Automatically send feedback requests to your patients after an appointment ends to get ratings on your services and staff. In addition, you may request ratings in numbers from your customers. Good patient experiences and reviews will act as word-of-mouth and help you get more patients. Finally, highlight the customer/client reviews on your website. Picktime will make your customer reviews(upcoming feature) visible on your booking page.

How can using Picktime online appointment scheduling software benefit you?

No double bookings:

Outdated excel sheets and big fat appointment books make record maintenance a daunting task. Flipping through pages every time to confirm a patient's appointment wastes a lot of time. With our online appointment booking system, you will be able to manage and view all the bookings in the same calendar without worrying about accidental double bookings.

Reduce No-shows with automated SMS and email reminders:

Patients often forget to attend an appointment in the first place! But Picktime reduced the chances of no-shows and missed appointments. Our reminder system(upcoming feature) sends SMS and emails to both the patient and the doctor at a preset time before the appointment time so that no appointments are forgotten and missed.

No more waiting in long queues:

Waiting for a long time always frustrates a patient. When patients need to maintain social distancing, the waiting period can be risky because many patients feel they may contract the virus if they are exposed to the hospital environment for a long duration. There are times when even after waiting for hours, patients have to return home simply because the vaccine stock gets over. Our appointment booking system can make hospital visits a better experience for your patients by letting them know if they are on the waitlist and whether there is any available slot. Whenever any patient cancels their appointment, we notify the patient next in line about the slot availability.

Class bookings for multiple doses of vaccination:

You might have seen patients taking the first dose of vaccination at one hospital/clinic and taking the second dose at another hospital/clinic. This problem usually occurs because patients are not given prior information about the availability of vaccines and slots at a particular hospital/clinic. But you can use Picktime to keep your patients notified about their recurring doses. The class bookings feature will permit patients to book group appointments and pay for them individually.

Instant payment and invoice generation:

Whenever a patient schedules an appointment through your customized online booking page, they will pay either the full amount or in deposits instantly through payment processors like credit cards, PayPal, (Stripe, and Square - upcoming feature). Not just that, as soon as they pay, you can immediately send them the invoice via email and notify them that their slot booking has been confirmed.

Seamless staff management:

Vaccination drive requires a good amount of workforce. Managing nurses, healthcare workers, doctors, and other hospital/clinic staff with one web-based appointment booking system simplifies cooperation and coordination among staff in the hospital/clinic. In addition, you will be able to assign tasks and monitor your staff's working hours and break hours through a single dashboard.

Easy multiple location management and resource allocation:

You might run a chain of hospitals or clinics in different locations. In that case, Picktime helps you keep track of what your staff is doing, how many patients have checked in for vaccination and allocate resources and medical equipment to your staff for the vaccination drive. In addition, Picktime ensures that you leave no stones unturned in making your day-to-day clinical operations successful.

As a doctor/nurse/healthcare professional, you have to be the changemaker. Ask people to get jabbed as early as possible. It might be a small step for you, but it is a giant leap for humankind. Sign up on Picktime for free and create new possibilities in vaccination slot booking management.

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