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Pricing your Mini Sessions | How to Price Your Photography sessions? |

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Mini sessions are a great way to show off your style to newer audience and make them into regular customers. But when you are offering mini sessions, it is important that your clients don’t think you are giving away too much for too little. This will negatively impact your business. Hence it is very important to wisely price your mini sessions.

Here are some of the things you should consider when pricing your mini sessions.

Automate your workflow

One of the best ways to have smooth running mini sessions is to automate your workflow. Schedule your sessions ahead by using a trustworthy appointment scheduling software. Picktime photography systems enables you to setup your booking sessions the way you want. You can offer your session for any duration and Picktime takes care of it.

Just add in your mini session into your Picktime calendar and simply share it with your clients. Also don’t forget to market your upcoming session across all social media in order to gain prospects. This way you can spend more time doing other important stuff and less time on answering phone calls.

Outline your goals

Always have a clear mind of what you want from a mini session. Remember that mini sessions shouldn’t be something that will cause damage to your photography business. Decide ahead of time how much time you want to spend on it and how much you want to earn from it.


Before deciding on the price, it is wise to keep a note of the money and time you are spending on marketing and arranging the session. Add a profit margin to it and then decide on your final pricing for your mini session. Don’t go overboard by offering prints as that may cause your client to think you are giving away something valuable at a lesser price.

Make it specific

Be specific as to how much time you will be spending on shooting each session and what the customer will be getting at the end. Make sure your client understands that it is short & specific and outfit changes and background changes are not included.

Limit the offer

Make it more appealing to the audience by limiting the time you offer the session. This will attract clients and prospects faster and fills up your calendar. Running your sessions around special events and days like Christmas or Easter will make it stand out and booked faster.

Add something extra

Add in something extra like 8X10 print or a cute little frame to make the mini session appealing. Make sure you add in these expenses when pricing your sessions. If it is a session for newborns and toddlers a predefined theme at your studio will make it a fun session altogether. Our photography booking system allows you to add in a predefined description to your service. That way your clients will know what they will be getting without having to message or bother you.

Backup Plan

Have a backup plan of what you will be doing if the weather doesn’t allow you to carry out your mini session. Nothing is worse than having to refund all your clients money after investing your valuable time promoting and planning it. Keep an eye on weather forecast.

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