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Why You Need A Photography Business Management System

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An intuitive photography business management system will help you create peace of mind and a healthy work/life balance. But just as important, it will help you actually grow your business since you get more overview and you can do more in less time. Let’s dive in a few of the reasons why you would need a photo studio management system.

photography business management system

Automates your Workflows

Workflow is a series of tasks that you perform for every client that books you. For example, client inquiries for a photoshoot with you. You answer the email or call them and you send a contract, after that you may send another email to remind them of the shoot, or you send them some information to prepare them for the shoot. After the photo shoot, you maybe share a preview on Facebook or you send them the images in a gallery or you invite them for a sales session to order wall-art and/ or albums.

All these tasks can be documented and perfected in terms of great emails and timing for your client in a workflow that you can use over and over again. Having a workflow with clear deadlines will save you so much time and will make it super easy to communicate expectations clearly to your clients. Having an automated and ‘done for you’ workflow saves you a lot of time with setting up your photo studio management software. The entire process from meeting the clients for the first time, booking them, and delivering the images is all set and sorted.

Automated email or SMS confirmations

Like I said before, as soon as you have your workflow documented you can start perfecting your client experience. Maybe you are getting a lot of questions on what to wear on your photo shoot from your clients? Then you can draft a perfect helpful email with images and you start sending that to your clients prior to the shoot.

This way, to your clients, it will be as if you are inside their heads. Proactively fulfilling their needs and answering their queries. Guess what that will do for their appreciation and valuation of you as a professional photographer and expert.

The emails are linked to the workflow so once you have configured to send your ‘what to wear’ email with a deadline, the system will automatically send each client email prior to the appointment. All you have to do is preset timings. You can always add an optional personal message to the email if you wish.

Tracking of Your Photography Clients

Having a photo studio management software helps you keep track of a project or even multiple projects at once. You can clearly see in your dashboard the active jobs you have and the progress of all these clients at one glance. When you know that all your clients are well-taken care of by knowing them right from your desk will make you close your computer with a stress-free body every day!

Manage Your Photography Calendar

You can sync your photography studio management system calendar with your photography bookings with Google or Outlook calendars you use for your day to day anniversaries, personal hairdresser appointments and the shared calendar of your family. Now you will no longer have double-bookings or forget an appointment.

Be able to focus solely on your creative art

With everything you have to do and remember for your clients in a photo studio management software, you will soon discover that you have gained something else with that. You will have a lot more head space and energy which is evermore useful when working as a creative entrepreneur. Since you know you are not forgetting anything, you can be totally present with your clients. You can focus on being a photographer and forget about managing the business because the software will do that for you!

One place for all your information

What about looking up details. Where was it, in the email or in the contract? Oh no, it was in a separate notebook that I took with me during the sales consultation…oops, where did I leave that? No more of that chaos. Everything is at your fingertips and backed up in the cloud too, cheers!

Did you ever go back to your clients saying, sorry about my late response? Sorry, I’m late with the images? You are giving them good reasons not to refer you to anyone ever! Don’t let that happen to you. Get organized today and always be proactive to your clients effortlessly by using photography studio management software such as Picktime. Sign up for free and use all the golden features with no installation charges or premium memberships...

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