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What are mini photo sessions?

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A mini photo session is nothing but a short photo session which generally lasts about 20 - 30 minutes. These are generally offered at a lesser price with 15 - 30 slightly retouched images for the clients to choose. They can also be a great way to introduce your clients to your style of photography before booking a full photo session.

Mini-photo sessions are a great way to capture memories on special events if you are on a budget. They are generally themed or come as signature sessions like newborn photography, couples photo shoot etc. These generally take place at a pre-decided location or at the studio. It is also a great way to appeal to wider audience.

Always remember that mini sessions are not your full sessions discounted. They work the best as limited time offers during a particular season. They also work for sessions like cake smashes, Newborn photo sessions etc.

Why you should offer mini photo session

  • It is a great way to show-off your skills to new clients who are not familiar with you and your style of photography.
  • Gain potential future clients.
  • Make extra money.
  • Popular usually with families having young children or toddlers.
  • More appealing to clients who are looking for professional photos under a budget.
  • Best suited for sessions which don’t require different locations and themes. Eg : Newborn photo sessions, Cake smash sessions, Classic studio sessions etc.
  • Create images that don’t require a large level production.
  • Quickly fill empty calendar spots.
  • Collaborate with other businesses like charities, decorators etc.

How to schedule mini sessions?

But one problem we have heard from a lot of photographers is how hectic it is to schedule mini sessions. That is where Picktime appointment scheduling comes into picture. With our booking software, you can schedule your mini sessions just the way you want. Create sessions ranging from 15- 20 minutes with limited slots. Always remember sessions that are of less duration.

You can also set up online payments on our booking system. As mini sessions are cost effective and a mini version of a full session, they need to be prepaid with no refunds or rescheduling. If someone wants to cancel or reschedule and is also a long time client you can allow them to gift the session to a friend or a family member.

One more thing we highly recommend is to create a clear and a firm terms and conditions policy. Though it is highly recommended to ask a lawyer to frame the policy, if you don’t want to hire one just use simple language which everyone can understand when you make it yourself.

One more final and a very important thing to do is customize your booking page and share it on your social media and with your regular clients. A booking page simplifies your work by automating the entire booking process with our photography booking system. This leave you a lot of time to deal with other full time sessions and projects.

Signup with Picktime for free and enjoy hassle free automated scheduling for your Photography Business.

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