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Picktime Updates - March 2021

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Covid-19 didn’t stop our team from making some major enhancements to Picktime. We promise you that it is just the beginning of some of the huge announcements and feature launches we have planned for 2021.

Picktime update - March 2021


You can now raise invoices for your bookings directly from your calendar. All you need to do is go to the calendar > select your booking > checkout.

You can raise invoices for your Appointments, for your Class Attendees, and your Resources as well. You can also view a list of all your invoices for each of your bookings via the Payments and Sales section.

Once you raise an invoice, you have the option to void it or refund it. For more information on how our Invoicing Feature works, you can have a look at our support center.


We have partnered with PayPal to launch our Payments feature. With our Payments feature, you can process Payments for your Appointments, Class Attendees, and your Resources.

Once you Integrate with Payments, you can choose to completely process your Payments online or take a Deposit (Part Payments) and process the rest from the Picktime Calendar.

For more information on how the Payments feature works, click here.

All-New Super enhanced Classes

We have launched a newer and better version of classes through which you can now add a Status, raise an Invoice, print the booking details, edit and cancel for each Attendee. Until now, all the class sessions had a limit of 1000 attendees. With the super-enhanced classes feature, there is no limit to the number of attendees that can be added to the sessions.

These features will only be available for the new class sessions that are added after the update. To use these features for your older sessions, you need to click on the ‘migrate button’ on your session popup.


We are so happy to announce that we have finally launched - Auto Timezone conversion.

You can now stop worrying about clients in different time zones. With this feature, all the timeslots on the online booking page will be shown in the timezone the customer is booking from.

Feature Enhancements

  • The overview section will now show the revenue based on the number of attendees in your class session
  • Enhanced Online Booking page design for Class Sessions
  • The current time indicator on your calendar will now show the time as per your Picktime account timezone.
  • Enhanced Reports
  • Added Payments for Class Sessions and Resources
  • Added Invoicing for Class Sessions and Resources.
  • Enhanced recurring bookings for Microsoft Teams location.
  • Enhanced Padding time UI: You can now see the padding time of your service on the calendar.
  • Confirmation Alerts - Will be displayed when adding an attendee When rescheduling/editing bookings.
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