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Picktime Updates - January 2020

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2019 had been an amazing year for Picktime. We launched several new features which were also the most highly requested features. As we enter the new decade we kickstarted by launching some very exciting features. Our team had a most productive year last year and we promise our customers that 2020 is just going to be great with exciting features planned ahead. Please read below to know all about the new features that have been released this new year.

Picktime Updates - January 2020

Now available in 10 new languages!

We have to say, this is one of the biggest features we went live with this year and our team has been working hard on it. The Picktime's online booking page is now available in 10 new languages along with English - Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Greek, Malay and Romanian. You can find the settings in Online booking > Language settings. Just change the language in the dropdown and save. You will see your booking page automatically translated to the language selected. If you have any other language suggestions for us, please feel free to drop them down in the comments below. Also, if you see that we need to improve anything, please hit us up on chat or email us and we will send you a google forms link through which you can add in your suggestions.

Appointment additional Information

Earlier, we only had the option to add custom fields to a customer profile only. Now you can add appointment additional fields which you can see on your appointment pop-up. You can find these settings in online booking > settings.

P.S - Please use the customer additional information option only if you have to add the data to your customer profile which you use for future reference. We highly suggest you use the newly launched appointment additional information option for appointment-related questions. This will help reduce duplicate contact creation.

Number of slots in a class

Now, you can show the available number of slots in your class session on your online booking page. This will help businesses increase the number of bookings as well. We had quite a lot of our customers request this and it is live now. You just have to turn on a toggle in online bookings > settings > turn on show number of slots available in a class session.

Single Sign-on with Google and Facebook

You can now Signup with Google and Facebook in a very simple way. We understand how frustrating it can be when you have to remember a password you have forgotten. With this new feature, you can easily signup with your Google or your Facebook account.

New Integrations

You can now Export your contact list to Mailchimp and Constant Contact to run Email Campaigns. You can also integrate with CRM Softwares like Zoho, Pipedrive, and Hubspot. This includes all the contacts that you will be adding to your contact list, customers added from your online booking page and customer you add via the appointment pop-up in your calendar section.

You find the settings to integrate with these apps in the apps and integration section of Picktime. Please note that only the First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number of your contacts will be exported to these apps.

There also have been several other minor fixes and enhancements that have been done to increase the ease of use of Picktime. Please stay tuned for more new features that are about to be launched in the upcoming days.

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