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10 must-have functions for Escape Room booking software

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Over the past few years, a hot new trend has caught on as entertainment for people of all ages. This new entertainment trend is in the form of so-called Quest or Escape rooms. Escape rooms are popping up in cities all over the world and a lot of them have signed up for scheduling system. All of them have in common that after establishing the escape room they need to create an online presence and implement a escape room booking software. That allows them to immediately start to advertise their new entertainment business to people in their near surroundings and also to accept bookings all the time.

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Using a booking system for your property serves two main goals; firstly, you get to manage your bookings easily on a single system, secondly, your guests get an optimal booking experience because of your user-friendly booking form. These goals already hint how your booking system should function and what your booking form should look like. You want it to be simple to use yet state-of-the-art so that all your guests are enticed to book instantly and there you go with new clients.

Most important things to look at when you want to make the most of your online presence through the escape room booking software. We gathered all such features that especially benefit your escape room business.

Instant communication

Whenever you sell a ticket online or the customer books your escape room, they will receive a confirmation by email or text. This is a great way to improve the customer experience and save time doing everything manually and then playing phone tag to confirm your bookings.

Always open for business

When you implement a escape room booking software for your escape rooms your online shop is open all the time so your customers can make bookings and buy merchandise any time.

Booking calendar

Your booking form on your website should contain a visual calendar for your guests to see your availability and book directly for the desired period within no less than a couple of clicks. It should be clear from the calendar what rooms are available, for which dates and at what price.

Pricing categories

Adjust your Escape Game pricing for children, adults or families. Manage group bookings or solo bookings according to the availability. You can also introduce seasonal pricing to increase demand during low season or offer discounts to mass bookings. Everything can be implemented on a single platform with hundreds of services and entertainment.

Third-party integration

Your booking system helps you manage all of your booking data. Customer data you use for marketing purposes, as well as financial data for bookkeeping. Integrations with third-parties for marketing tools such as Facebook or Twitter are important to make use of this data for marketing your escape rooms. Integrations with financial management systems are also important for handling your business finances.

Reporting options

A state-of-the-art booking system also allows you to do get a quick overview of the status of your escape rooms business for you to be able to take immediate actions or improvements as per the season. This should include overviews of payment statuses, revenues, occupancy rates, but could also include an overview of your bookings per channel.


The Booking System for Escape Games must analyze your sales and customer data so you can adjust your offers when needed. Hard data is always better than guessing.

Email automation

We all know the pain in facing troubles when it comes to booking manually, you don’t want to spend time emailing back and forth with guests about their booking. Automated emails to send booking confirmations, payment requests, and arrival information really help you save time managing your business.

Gift Vouchers

These are the best ways to attract people to escape rooms. Gift vouchers may or may not always available on your website, an ideal gift which the recipient can redeem against one of your offers later.

Booking page-

Of course, beautiful images of your Quest rooms, as well as your property itself, cannot be lacking. Make sure your booking system has the ability to add photos to the booking form on your website in order to give your guests a clear picture of what you are offering. It will also encourage your guests to book directly and reduce the need for them to contact you to ask questions about your products.

The trend of escape room entertainment has just begun and will continue to evolve over the years with a variety of new escape rooms appearing in one form or the other. All of these escape rooms need a solid booking software that allows clients to make bookings when convenient for the client and when the room is available for booking. Picktime, online scheduling software for escape rooms is there to solve your scheduling woes, as well as to offer marketing tools and will continue to do so for escape rooms all over the world in the future. Sign up for free, now!

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