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9 Time Management ideas for Salons and Spas

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Every owner or the manager who holds the Salons and Spas services face a number of challenges, one major complaint we hear from them is they run out of TIME. Owning a spa or beauty salon is a great joy and quite rewarding but it can also be hard work and tough at times. With a hundred and one things to plan in a single day running a beauty and wellness center would drain a hell lot of energy from your brains.

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How exhausted are you with the never-ending day to day activities to boost up your Salons and Spas services? Do you often feel that you got swamped by the extra loads of work that gets on your shoulders leaving you with no time for your personal life? Struggling like hell to manage your salons and spas every day? We have listed out few ideas to save your time immensely through simple tips and tricks.

1. Cut down no shows or cancellations-

We know how awkward it is to wait for the client who has to show up on time and end up canceling their appointment in the last minute! Urgh, the frustration that pumps into our guts though! Wasting time on unfinished appointments ruins your entire day

You can’t realistically expect to eliminate salon no shows and last minute cancellations completely. However, there are plenty of marketing tips for reducing them to real emergencies only. One such amazing tips are sending automated reminders to your clients prior to the appointment, although it doesn’t mean that you gotta stay glued to your phone for confirming all their appointments. Instead, send a simple an SMS/email reminder that is much more helpful to remind your customer to make time for their pre-booked appointments. Hence reducing no shows and loss of revenue to your business.

2. Revisit the work patterns to create more time-

We’re all so busy that we’re too busy to think outside the box. Take a quick look at the tasks you do regularly and ask yourself how you can make them quicker, easier or smoother. Think about,

“How could you take a minute to save hours?”

It might be as simple as putting together a master template for one to one meetings with your salon team. Take it a step further and prepare an employee induction manual so each time someone joins to work at your spa or salon team you save hours going over the same ground. They read it and you have a shorter more productive meeting with them. And it’s all in writing for them to refer back to.

3. Smart scheduling-

Our constant ‘grazing’ on the phone, texting and checking our emails and social media not only exhausts us but leads to impaired IQ and concentration. Great word that – ‘grazing’. It sums up exactly what so many of us do. Are you guilty of using any downtime to ‘catch up’ on your business emails, post on your salon Facebook or scan the latest news? We’d be more productive later and feel less overwhelmed if we took 10 minutes out away from our salon phones, tablets, and screens and took a proper break. Sign up with Picktime online scheduling software that blows out all your scheduling woes and makes scheduling your day, a piece of cake. Save your time effortlessly by blending in your business with this free web-based scheduling software.

4. Respect clients’ time if you want them to respect yours

Show hair and beauty clients that you value their time by ensuring your therapist and stylists run to time. Don’t reschedule appointments unless you really can’t avoid it this really satisfies your customer and increases the chances of rebooking your services. Thank your clients who arrive in good time and rarely cancel.

Reward ‘good’ behavior by showing you respect your clients’ time and busy diaries then they are much more likely to respect your time.

5. Set deadlines and to-do lists-

To hit the bull’s eye you need to focus!

Piling up your work could often lead to a hurried and messed up outcomes. Focus on your daily activities and to-do list while targeting your ultimate goal. Make the most of your Picktime by taking quick glances at your customized dashboard. Chuck procrastination and stay up to date by with Picktime at your fingertips that shows your status and updates on a single platform.

6. Salon meetings eat time

Yes, we all know this one but do we adhere to it? Do you really need that salon business meeting? Would a phone call do? Do not waste your time on one to one meetings with your team unless it is mandatory. You could settle with meeting your staff before you start off your day or instead switch to the amazing way of tracking their status right from your desk through Picktime.

7. Delegate and Automate-

Get your staff involved, give them a little responsibility like assigning job duties such as cleanups or keep clear cut communication with your manager, social media consultant, salon coordinator, seek out their ideas, business consultant etc. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Manage all your staff and bring them under one roof without any hassles and pressures. Switch your hats effortlessly through Picktime.

8. Calendar Planning

Get a yearly calendar and mark important dates such as monthly team meetings, individual meetings, networking events, etc… If you do this well in advance, it will allow you to work needless to prepare, when you can fit in your holidays and so on.

Note that whether you’re away or not, your team meetings should still be happening – another reason to pre-fill your calendar. The end of the year is perfect for planning the year ahead, but if things are really too manic in the salon, start with planning 3 months in advance. Quarterly planning is a great place to start. You could also sync any of your favorite digital calendars Google/Outlook and breeze out your scheduling work.

9. Reports and Reviews-

How could these help you manage your time? To begin with! Your business is as good as your team and as happy as your customers. Win them with all your efforts by checking the weekly reports and reviews given by your clients. Maintain good rapport through rich customer on-boarding experience via Picktime. Going through your weekly reports or seasonal reports gives you the gist of your business and lets you concentrate more about the drawbacks and potholes of your business. Keep an eye on them and get your business done right with better opportunities.

With the curvy edges and potholes every salon or spa owner would fall into the trap. Don't end up running out of time every time you set up a goal. Keep it simple and keep it real with Picktime online scheduling software that made scheduling a piece of cake to every business owner and we’re proud to say it.

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