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Emilia Brown

New Feature - Offhours Booking

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It is finally LIVE! We had so many requests to launch the offhours booking feature and we heard you guys.

When you login/signup with Picktime, you can only setup your appointments/bookings within your working hours. But with our new 'Offhours booking' Feature, you can schedule appointments irrespective of your working hours.

To activate your off-hours booking feature, Please follow the steps below:

  • Go to setup > general.
  • Choose Calendar Preferences.
  • You will be able to see 'allow offhours booking' feature at the bottom.
  • Enable the toggle.
  • You will notice that when you are trying to book an appointment, you will be able to see all time slots including the slots that are outside your working hours.
offhours booking

Note: This is feature is available for admins only. Through the online booking page, your customers will only be able to make bookings with you within your working hours.

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