written by
Emilia Brown

New feature - Auto team member Selection

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Until now, when a customer books an appointment / class online, they have to select a staff member in order to proceed with the booking. We had a lot of our clients tell us they didn't want their clients to select a specific staff member. Well, we heard you. The Auto Team member selection feature is now LIVE.

Now, you can choose whether you want your clients to choose a team member when making a booking or not. But you must be wondering if that might cause double bookings. The answer is simple. NO. If you turn on your Auto Team member selection feature, this how the your clients will go through the booking service.

Select a service > select a date and time > fill in your details > book appointment. As easy as that. Picktime only shows the slots that are open according to the service selected and the availability of the all the staff providing that service.

To find this feature in your Picktime account, follow these steps. Go to Online booking > settings > turn on Auto Team member selection.

Here is a small tip for all of you who want their customers to select a team member when making a booking. Make sure you fill out a description of your team member, designation and profile picture.

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