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10 Ways to Speed up Your Staff Recruitment

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The staff recruitment process is always time taking. The people exploring job are bulk in number, recruiters find it difficult to conduct interviews for a long time.

It creates annoyance and recruiters to start losing their patience. This stress will impact on the candidate. The process of hiring costs more, and it is lengthy. Organizations do not find much time to hire every new employee personally. They deploy an applicant tracking system for the hiring process that would make their work much more comfortable.

Online Staff Recruitment Process

When technology is booming, following the old way of the staff recruitment process is tedious? There are many recruiting software that handles human resource management for posting jobs. This software makes the entire process simple right from reviewing the resume till the last round. This software reduces the paperwork, improves the candidate searching process efficiently, and makes it easier for the organization to hire new employees.

Due to miscommunication or loss of any paper may lose the best candidate. But with the software, all the details will be safe, and will not miss any best candidates.

Before signing the papers to join the company, there will be a lot more discussions, many people to be involved, and more schedules. They cannot adjust the appointment without pre-scheduling it.

Picktime helps you to schedule all the work ahead. A separate calendar schedule for every staff. Picktime is an interview scheduling software that reduces a lot of time and helps you not to miss any best candidates for the job. It is the booming interview scheduling software used by many organizations improving their staff recruitment process without any hectic work.

Here are ten more ways to speed up the staff recruiting process

Mention the job description clearly:

The job description may sound weird but would help a lot to speed up the process. Many candidates apply for a job by seeing the vacancy position, but they will not go through the job description clearly that would make the screening process difficult. When there is a job description, people with the specified skill will apply for it, and the screening process also will be done easier.

Selective about the candidates:

If there are ten resumes only 3 to 5 resumes will be selected for the next round. Resumes are to be verified particularly and be very selective. Because if most of the candidates 8 out of 10 are chosen, it is a lengthy process, and selecting the best candidate will be tedious. The resume has more weightage as the candidate mentions everything they achieved and they are good at. So it would be easy for screening the candidate by their description and the domain they are good at.

Eliminate the steps that delay the hiring process:

Few companies prefer candidates who have references. If the candidate does not have the reference letter, they should get time to get it, and this will prolong the hiring process. This process costs a lot more money and time taking. Instead, announce them ahead about the reference letter and select the candidates to the next round.

Outsource staff recruitment process:

To select the multiple positions in a company, it would take a week more to complete the whole process. Instead, the organization can take help from the outsource for the hiring process. It would cost but helps in reducing time for the hiring process and have a quality screening process.

Prioritize the communication:

Communication plays a significant role in any field. Talking with the candidate can either be a hello or some general topic. Identify whether the candidate is free to communicate without the boundaries and expressive or not. If the candidate is not very interactive, you can drop their resume in that particular round.

Prioritize the current employees:

Instead of starting the process from the beginning, let the current employees know about the job vacancies. It would reduce the hiring process as the candidate is familiar with the company. It improves the recruiting process without any cost.

Leverage employees as recruiters:

With the help of employees, social networks leverage them as recruiters. Post the social copy and engaging images in the employee network. Due to this, there will be more qualified applicants for the job and improves the process.

Consider flexible interviews:

Improve the hiring process by being more flexible. If the recruiter is free on weekends, interview on those days and if needed, let the candidate travel to another location for an interview. This would help to identify the commitment of the candidate and the way they are trying to schedule the work.

Conduct telephone or video interviews:

Before meeting the candidate face to face, it's better to have a phone call or video interview. Recruiters can interview them anywhere, and by verifying the resumes, they can make calls only to the selected candidates. Instead of conducting interviews for all the members, it would be easy to call only the particular candidates ahead.

Group discussion or group interview:

Interview a group of people at the same time so that the recruiter can identify the best replies from them and select the worthy candidate. You can even identify their communication skills and how much they interact with new people. It would be easy for the recruiters to find the best answers out of all.

Organizations conduct a group discussion as the prior round so that screening candidates will be comfortable. It's easy to select only a few candidates from a bulk number at once instead of conducting individually.

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