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How to Ease Candidate Interview Scheduling Pains with Automation

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Interview Scheduling is often a daunting task for recruiters. They must find the right time that works for everyone involved and keep track of all the email back-and-forth with candidates and hiring teams.

Automate Interview Scheduling

Manual processes can also be error-prone, especially for organizations with high volumes of candidates and positions. The hardest thing for the recruiter is the constant juggling. Benefits of automation include increased efficiency and productivity for recruiters, reduced time to fill positions, and an enhanced candidate experience since individuals can self-schedule and reschedule from any device. Several types of technologies perform automated scheduling in order to increase convenience for candidates as well as the recruiter.

With an automated scheduling solution, recruiters can easily set up time slots when the interview team is available and invite candidates via mass email or text messages to self-schedule. Recruiters may be able to put holds in interviewer calendars through the video interviewing solution and/or allow interviewers to send their availability through email. Solutions like these update in real-time to avoid overlapping interviews.

It’s a safer hiring step to automate

Automating job interview schedules is a different story. Scheduling technology has progressed, and as consumers, candidates are already familiar with the concept. Perhaps even more importantly, there’s no hiring decision being made. Team leaders can implement it with little risk to the candidate experience. In many cases, automated scheduling improves the hiring experience by making interview set-up faster, more convenient and more immediate for candidates.

Availability preferences

Organizers and interviewers can set availability and block off unavailable times. Certain mechanisms could be put in place, such as immovable interview blocks on the hiring manager’s calendar, which could be lifted only by contacting the recruiter.

Automatic reminders.

These are sent to all parties before an interview. With automation, you can personalize them, set the frequency and day and time of the week, and attach employer or candidate information, you can include a checklist, links, directions to the office, an assessment, a candidate profile.”

Modernizing the hiring process

In the ushering digital era, where everything and everyone is present online it takes a simple step to boost up your hiring process and look more professional and organized. Automation digitizes a vital step in the hiring cycle.

Meeting candidate expectations

The ultimate goal in the hiring process is to get the best bunch out of it. Companies that offer candidates a digital, simple and fast scheduling interaction gain an advantage in the competition for talent. Self-scheduling makes the interview process a breeze and helps your candidates to face the interview instead of worrying about the schedule.

Rescheduling capability

More than 50 percent of scheduled interviews are rescheduled. The scheduling tool is good at picking alternative interviewers on short notice. It has the greatest ability to reschedule or make certain changes without setting ripples to the entire day in a snap.

Automated interview scheduling is one of the technologies transforming the role of recruiters today. With less administrative burden in their day, recruiters can put their relationship-building skills to use, spending more time forging connections with candidates. They can also devote more time to another pain point: strengthening their organization’s talent brand. The shift in the recruiter role from tactical to strategic provides a valuable opportunity for team leaders to realign their team for better performance on key metrics.

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