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5 salon marketing ideas you need to get right to attract new clients

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Salons are everywhere, and to get into this business, you should know different ways to attract clients. No matter how big or great your salon is, you will face problems in getting clients if people do not know that it exists. No worries! We have listed top salon marketing ideas to build your salon business gradually.

Salon Marketing Ideas

There are many different ways to attract clients and make sure that your business stays in a better position. In this tech world, people do not have that much time to enquire about the best salon by mouth. So most people check online and opt for the business that has the best rating and performance online.

Nowadays, people only believe the online stuff and proceed accordingly. To entice people to use your business, you need to be very strong in all the online platforms. Here are a few salon marketing ideas that you need to follow to attract new clients to your salon business.

Salon Marketing Ideas

1. Create your website and provide access to book an appointment Online

Your website is the only place that says all the stories regarding your business. It would be best if you made your website more discerning. You should place your best photos of your work and also should share your stories, the culture of your work, and the uniqueness of your business.

Clients like to listen to the stories regarding your business. So don’t hide them. You should keep your website is optimized and will be found in the top place by keywords search because everyone would like to visit the stuff that is on the top.

Your website is the only place where people can find out about your services and pricing. And also you should maintain an online appointment booking platform (like PICKTIME).

This scheduling platform is used for booking appointments from anywhere, and it also sends notifications, emails, and alerts to the clients regarding the appointment. As mentioned earlier people don’t have time to do things manually; they prefer things to be done automatically. These are your first and foremost salon marketing ideas to build the base of your salon business.

2. Visual Branding

The best salon is the one with fantastic visual brands. Make your that all the services that you provide are the best and see that the branding is consistent.

You should make a proper analysis of the target clients. Clients can be of different ages, and your services should impress all those people. You should be able to analyze the likes and dislikes of people of different categories.

Based on further analysis, you should create a visual brand that is authentic, real, and beautiful. Whenever you post pictures on Instagram, you should have excellent knowledge of the style of image that gives a direct impact on the client based on their mood. You can use filters and add colors to make them much impressive. Thus following these ways, you can attract the attention of the right client.

3. Social Media

Social Media plays a crucial role in the life of every person. Social media for salons usually refers to Facebook and Instagram. Both social media apps have their significance in improving the business in the market.

Instagram is best for publishing about your brand. It is useful for posting pictures of your work that attracts clients. Facebook is used for posting about the events in your business.

On Instagram, you can post pictures of your clients, staff, designs of your salon, and the products that you sell. Facebook is just like your website. Whenever people research your salon, they visit your Facebook page they check for the reviews, and also see whether any of their friends liked your page. You can post product reviews, beauty tips, and interviews of some of your staff on the Facebook page.

You can also embed your Picktime appointment booking button on your Facebook page and Instagram to make seamless bookings.

4. Offer Discounts

Everyone loves good deals so when you have an opportunity to promote your business, then do it without any second thought. You offer some special discounts to the clients that will attract new clients to your salon.

Offer special prices to the client who visited for the first time. Have your services discounted every month. You can also ask local business people to advise their customers to use your services. You can also offer extra services like a free manicure for the people who opt for a spa.

5. Capitalize on special events and holidays

Holidays always play an essential role in the lifestyle of your busy client. You can give discounts to your clients on some days like Christmas, Mother’s day, etc. You can also add New year to this list.

Don’t forget to add these discounts to marriages and special events. Those events may not be much important to you, but they are so unique to them, and you can make your client feel special on this occasion.

You can offer gift cards to the clients on specific charges of your service.

These are the few Salon marketing ideas that will improve your business and attract new clients to your salon. You can also give your business cards, post ads about your business on Facebook, create lunchtime salon packages, you can invite clients to give online reviews. Following these ideas, you can meet success in your business.

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