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Why Online Scheduling is the New Gold Standard for Growing a Business

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Often wondered how things are falling out of place even after hiring an efficient crew and a manager to work on running your business? Pissed off at your appointment errors? Messing up with your customer services even after a lot of hard work? Its time to switch your old school ways of scheduling with brand new online scheduling platform. Perhaps the one that is always accessible from any device that is connected to a reliable internet source and stores all your information securely on the cloud. All thanks to the modern technology that has found its way into various businesses!

Online Scheduling

Though there are few myths about switching ways with online scheduling as- your customers may find it difficult to book a service with you or you might completely lose the grip between your workforce and existing clients! After all, they are not at all true and you don’t need to get intimidated with false notions.

Say goodbye to the difficulties by blending in online appointment booking software with your business, and create a rich scheduling experience for you and your customers.

Reasons why you and your customers would love it-

Real-Time Online Appointment Booking

Online booking makes it possible for clients to book appointments anytime anywhere, even when you’re closed or busy serving other clients. This means your calendar is getting filled even when you are not around. By redirecting clients to book online, you are also significantly reducing the number of thankless hours spent on calls and emails you receive for appointments, providing the valuable time that can be spent developing new business or providing more/better customer support.

What’s more, you can easily integrate the link to online booking in your advertising or social media campaigns, making it easy for individuals who find you online and turn into new clients. Turn all your visitors into trustworthy customers.

Automated Reminders and Confirmations

It’s not just enough to book new appointments, you need to make sure clients are showing up at the right time allotted to them. Last minute cancellations and no shows cost you bucks. Calling clients one at a time to confirm their presence helps but is extremely time killing. Leaving a voicemail and playing telephone tag also makes this a frustrating process. You can easily automate this process with email or SMS reminders. This is a convenient and non-intrusive way to reach your clients. In turn, they can easily confirm their appointment with the simple click of a button.

Confirmations and cancellations are automatically updated to your calendar. If you have clients on a waiting list, you can even automate notifications allowing them to fill a time slot that has just been removed.

Utilize the customer database

Take advantage of a tool’s central customer database that makes it easy to track top customers and services, as well as market to drive repeat business. All the data is securely stored on the cloud that can be accessed by you from any device at any point in time.

Empower your workforce

Coordinating staff schedules and distributing appointments can also be labor-intensive, especially if you employ a lot of part-time or independent workers. Online scheduling applications are accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile devices with reliable Internet access, making it easy for staff to consult their schedule when needed. You can even take it one step further and empower staff to securely manage their own schedules. In fact, many software applications allow staff to book, cancel and/or modify appointments for themselves. They can even make changes to their schedule if you authorize them to do so, for example in the case of a sick day or personal important works. This eliminates much of the back-and-forth between you and your team, without you sacrificing the control of your agenda.

Today’s customers need choices and power. Channel that power by presenting a seamless, personalized experience using Picktime online scheduling software. Sign up for free, NOW!

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