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How to increase the efficiency of staff with gym management software

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Your fitness studio runs by the sweat of your trainers! While equipment and overhead are essential to every fitness club, your staff are the first and last thing that clients look upon. Ultimately, your staff is the defining factor in whether your clients have a positive or negative experience at your gym.

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There comes a time in every gym owner's life when administrative tasks start to take too long, impacting the outcomes and service provided to the clients. With the ushering digital world, you have the best options for introducing gym management software that incredibly saves your time and fixes all your scheduling intricacies.

While thinking about the troubles you have been facing with scheduling fitness sessions with your team members and clients you went crazy about finding the right help. Whether you set this on your own or hire a manager to help you out, there are still potholes and ditches left in between the schedules, ending up with accidental double bookings or messy timings.

Making a phone call, sending a voice mail, filling up the entire data in the spreadsheets or noting them down on a pen and paper is not a bad idea nor a smart one either! They rather kill your time and productivity instead of helping you. Switching such ways of scheduling with online gym management software is the best way to erase the mistakes that have been daunting you all way long! Regardless of how motivated a gym owner you are, you still gotta face challenges when it comes to the administration of your gym!

What makes you different from your competitors? What makes your clients and team happy? What saves your time and boosts up your efficiency?

Online gym scheduling software does! But how? Let us see to that right now-

You can manage all your staff’s schedules and facilities in a single go. No matter the size of your gym, if you have a considerable staff count and multiple facilities and classes to offer, then it can be difficult to manage the schedule of your staff, as well as your gym, studios, and any other facilities you have on-site.

Fortunately, gym management software will make it easy for you to know exactly know where your trainers will be at any point of the day, also giving you an idea about what facilities are in use for that moment.

Thanks to the online booking features, your staff can book your club’s facilities out to members directly from the software, preventing the risk of them being accidentally double-booked, as the record of all bookings will be kept in one place in the cloud.

Gym management software will also help you to manage your trainers more efficiently as you can plan their daily, weekly, or monthly tasks in an easily accessible calendar.

It makes it comfortable for your trainers to prepare for the classes

Online booking doesn’t just make it easier for your gym trainers or staff to secure their places on classes, as well as keep track of when and where they’re held, how long does it take, assuring that they don’t double book classes themselves. It also makes it simple for your trainers to prepare for the classes they’re teaching by showing them how many people are due to attend on each date. Because most gym software enables you to send messages to your club’s members, you can easily let them know if class times and locations are changed, also letting them know if they need to bring anything along with them. Facility scheduling will also allow your trainers to see which ones are available at that hour, making it easier for them to plan where their classes are being held each day or week.

You can also sign-up new gym members

One common and useful feature of gym management software is the ability for new members to sign-up for your services online, either through your website, a dedicated terminal in your gym’s reception, or even your social media pages (such as Facebook or Twitter). Because you can add different membership types and offers for people to choose from when signing up, this feature enables you to reduce the workload of your reception and sales staff.

As well as increasing the efficiency of your staff by making it quicker and simpler for newbies to sign-up. Another advantage of online sign-ups is that it helps your gym to go paperless. This reduces your business’s environmental impact and saves you all the thankless hours and money spent on unnecessary things.

Automate your gym, your clients and staff would love to use technology

As humans, we love to progress. In this digital era, having opportunities for continuous learning leads to job satisfaction. Gym management software is a new exciting tool for all your gym members to learn how to use it, developing their technological skills. Besides becoming more tech-savvy, any of your team members may be able to shift jobs after implementing the software, giving them a chance to try on something new and pursue professional development. Way long before you might have needed three people to manage the check-in process, now you may only need one. You could then reassign the other two employees, so they can learn a new position and develop new skills.

Of course, a major concern that comes along with this is training your team on using new technological tools and onboarding them into their new positions. However, gym management software is quite easy to use and blends into your business need smoothly. Also, not to worry, management software providers often have support teams dedicated to helping onboard your gym, helping smoothen the transition and ensure user satisfaction.

You need to learn and dare to take a step ahead to improve your business from all sides to stay on top! All you gotta do is encourage changes and grab every new opportunity that helps you bring the change! Sign up with Picktime online scheduling software for gym and fitness studios and make sure you make the most of it! An added advantage of using Picktime is it is absolutely free of cost to sign up! No hidden charges or installation charges. All you gotta do is sign up at the snap of your fingers!

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