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Emilia Brown

Few Problems every cleaning business owner faces and their solutions

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Every single day as cleaning business owner you send in your team on various different tasks. But running a cleaning business is tough. You have to take appointments, send in your team on jobs, keep track of the client schedules and addresses. You have every tool in your hand to get rid of your client’s problems but did you ever wonder how you can get rid of scheduling woes?

Just for a fraction of your penny, you can manage all the above tasks without a paper and a pen. The answer is a cleaning business scheduling software. Picktime is one such platform that lets you manage your cleaning business with not just scheduling, but also on many other aspects. Here are some of the problems which every cleaning business faces and their solutions.


Managing appointments without double bookings or missing any is a major cleaning business problem. Picktime cleaning business management software gives you the ease of letting your clients book appointments with you from anywhere at any point in time. With our cleaning management system, you can let your client's book appointments with you 24 X 7. Not only that, you can collect your client's information when a booking is being done so that you don’t have to call them up wasting useful time that you can use to do other important stuff.

You can also clearly see what times you are free and busy and add in new appointments. This will reduce double bookings and missing out appointments that can cost you a lot of money and time. You can also view weekly and monthly reports of how your business is doing and also map out all that times you don’t have a lot of appointments and work on increasing your client base and your revenue.

Keep track of equipment and vehicles

When sending in your team for a cleaning job, you need to be very organised. Any missing/misplaced equipment or supplies can completely push you off track and ruin your entire schedule for the day. With Picktime, you can not only manage your appointments, but you can also manage your equipment and supplies as well. Add in all of your equipment to the resources category and link them to your cleaning services. So when an appointment is booked there is no confusion as your equipment will also be booked during that time and your staff also will be more informed about what is happening around.

Notify your clients and staff

Another major cleaning business problem is constantly notifying staff and clients of the appointments made. When an appointment is booked, Picktime automatically sends in a notification about the appointment details like date, time and the staff providing it along with client details. So you don’t have to worry about constantly reminding your staff about their appointments as they will be automatically notified. You can also notify them about cancellations or time changes as well.

Manage staff

As someone who runs a cleaning business, your staff is constantly on the move. It can become quite difficult and overwhelming to manage schedules. With Picktime you can solve your cleaning business problem by managing your staff's availability, their holidays, their total working hours per week and also their vacations. You can easily manage their schedules with just a few clicks or let them manage their own by giving them permissions. You can add in a time blocker for the times they are busy or a day off for sick leaves. You can stay up to date of your staffs schedule with a few simple clicks.

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