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Best Escape Room Ideas

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One of the best feelings to experience as an escape room owner is seeing a group of players wanting to curse you and wanting to appreciate you at the same time. But for players to feel that way, your escape room must have challenges that are unique and fun. Are you planning to start an escape room? Do you want to amp up the difficulty of your escape room? Well, In this article we are going to discuss about some of the best escape room ideas.

Here are a few Escape Room Ideas

Always follow a theme

Find a very interesting plot for your escape room game and set the theme for it. Choose themes that create interest in the players. Here are a few suggestions : A dungeon, prison cells, space stations, a mystery mansion or even a train. Some of the common storylines of escape rooms include haunted houses, prisons, zombies etc.

Idea 1 : A runaway Train

Here is an Interesting idea for your escape room. You can make an interesting storyline like an uproar in a train caused by radicals taking control of the conductor’s cabin. The players have to solve puzzles to find the explosives hidden and gain access to the conductor’s cabin and save the passengers. Another interesting one would be an Island escape game where stranded players have to find a safe place from an erupting lava.

The sky's the limit for these storylines. You just have to put in your best imagination to thrill your players with unexpected surprises.

Idea 2 : Encrypt Messages

Hidden messages like clues or number codes can be encrypted through custom codes or ciphers. Morse code seems to be very popular as it is easily recognisable. Make sure you you give your players a reference sheet if you are using codes that are not commonly used.

Idea 3 : Make players solve puzzles

Though this seems like one of the most common Escape Room ideas, it lets the player achieve satisfaction. Make the player solve a puzzle to proceed on to the next level. You create more interest to this by letting them try to solve an incomplete puzzle but realise they have to find more pieces in order to finish it.

Idea 4 : Hide things

Hide things like keys or puzzle pieces in not so obvious places like coat pockets, drawers, surfaces that are out of reach or in a book safe. Some other uncommon places include below floorboards or inside fireplaces.

Idea 5 : Counting

Mathematical puzzles though create interest in some, are not always recommended in escape rooms. It because you cannot predict how good your player is at solving problems and their math ability. But counting is something which everyone is capable of. You can hide objects that fit in the theme of your escape room. Players must use the total number to solve another puzzle.

Idea 6 : Obvious clues

Players are often have a mindset where they think they need to find everything that is hidden to solve or finish a puzzle. What if you put your some of your clues out in the open and see how long your players take to realise? Some of the things you can do is hiding entry to a room or requiring the player to step into a pair of footprints to open a door.

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