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20 Tips To Manage Tutoring Classes Online Effectively And Efficiently

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With the advancement of technology, taking tuitions inside a four-wall classroom is a thing of the past. Today, we will learn about new ways to manage tutoring classes anywhere & anytime.

manage Tutoring Classes Online

The modern way of teaching is based on the comfort of both the teacher and his students & now, for the past several years, booking online tutoring lessons are gaining prominence among parents.

Now a tutor with Picktime online class management software has the option to put a limit on students getting scheduled for attending his/her class.

Whereas students have the option of choosing the tutors, and institutions of their choice. Now with the arrival of the internet some decades ago, teaching classes' format started changing gradually.

Almost every student with a laptop, iPad, smartphone, & the desktop computer can use online class management software to take tuitions with his/her favorite teacher on the subjects & courses of their choice.

Now here are some 20 tips on how students can manage tutoring classes online, are as follows:-

Streaming & recording them online

Class management is easy with Picktime online class management software because teachers can integrate Zoom, Google Meet & other virtual meeting applications to make students attend live-streaming classes.

They can also record these classes on these integrated applications via Picktime tutoring class scheduling software to help students missing any previous online sessions.

Create a personalized booking page of your own

If you don't have a website of your own, you can sign up with Picktime tutoring class scheduling software.

Here Picktime will create a personalized booking page for you to customize, add services & make them visible online for all your students to watch & learn.

Showing faces online

Picktime is more effective among students because integrated virtual meeting applications such as Zoom, Google Meet & Microsoft Skype can show their trainers' faces during live interactive online sessions rather than showing some narrated slideshows.

Make & keep your videos short.

Trainers who tend to manage tutoring classes online must make & keep short videos to keep the students interested at all times.

The problem with long videos is that they tend to distract students and take a long time to upload on the net.

A good trainer will always upload four to five short videos on the whole subject for students to play, rewind or pause the video to have a good grip & understanding of the subject.

Testing the slides

Any trainer working on the class management software must test the slides on the lectures given on different subjects, topics & lessons on their respective smartphones before posting them.

They must have to make sure that their text slides are readable on the small screens.

While checking the test, they should double-check on font sizes, colors, template designs & screen ratios to make the whole text look better, even for small screens for their readers.

Be smart & use all the existing resources.

Making or producing high-quality videos for an entire semester by a trainer on his own is an impossible task.

Suppose you are a trainer and want to attract more learners to your tutoring site through the Picktime online class management software. In that case, you should use resources already developed and available online for free or at an affordable cost to make good quality videos.

To help your students, you can also provide them with clickable links that will straightaway take them to your website containing a list of your training videos to choose from.

Ensure your students have open access to your online classes

Trainers must use open resources for their online classes to prevent access problems for students.

To keep your students interested in your classes, you have to spend extra time searching for open access materials to save you from having any stress later.

Provide specific instructions

Students will get bored watching & listening to long videos on online lectures. To ease out things, suggest the exact portions they need to focus on, making them even more curious. For example:- recommend them to look at the video part from 13:35 to 17:30.

To make students approach your resources, you should label them. Labeling all your resources with a simple numbering based on each item's importance or difficulty level will be of immense help to your students.

Online tutoring classes can be fun.

You have to make your sessions more interactive to manage tutoring classes on your personalized booking page on Picktime.

You can introduce a range of functions to create interactive learning activities such as quizzes, fun sessions & many more.

You can go online & get your hands on step-by-step guides for creating interactive fun & quiz sessions. Use them to make your classes a fan favorite among your students.

Manage online classes by reducing overcrowding

It is challenging to manage tutoring classes with overcrowded students online. But you can solve such a situation just by equally segregating them.

You can do so by using our class booking feature of Picktime for distributing all your students evenly into different classes according to your choice & comfort.

Set reasonable expectations to win-over students

While creating quizzes for your students in Virtual class management, you should ensure a win-win situation for all your students by enabling students to answer all the questions by referring to the given learning sources.

Whether you ask your students to write a summary of your lecture videos or hand over a lengthy questionnaire on a subject, make it clear that it will not have a severe or harmful impact on their performance report.

Making a project look mandatory with a low-risk affair will produce the best results for your students. You can set reasonable expectations by giving tasks such as a quiz containing 15 questions, or a 300-word limit summary will be enough to engage your students for 30 minutes.

Auto checking method to measure attendance

To increase compliance & measure full attendance, you should tell your students that their attendance will be estimated based on their online quiz participation.

The time taken for checking all their attendance can be reduced by going for the automatic checking feature available in many online learning management systems.

Careful while using the option of group communications

Never use the option of group communication for direct teaching in your online classes. Instead of that, you can set up a virtual class on an integrated video conferencing tool such as Zoom.

Log in at the appointed time through Picktime tutoring class scheduling software and wait for your students. When they start appearing on zoom, focus on providing social support to them.

You can also check if they have any issues related to topics or online classes and address them immediately. It is an excellent way for trainers like you to collect valuable student feedback on your online teaching methods.

To manage tutoring classes, make your meetings optional & relaxed. It will make your students happy to know that this option is available.

Give control to your students.

There are many ways to manage your students, and giving them control is one of them. You can do so by setting up online group spaces for a limited group of students.

In these group spaces, you can ask or encourage them to support & consult with one another before sending emails to you. You can even post a couple of questions to help your students come forward & start a conversation.

Inspire your students to use all the preferable communication tools available online. By helping your students with this little tip, you can make your students empowered, supported & reduce the number of emails in your inbox.

Express feelings before your students

Use the strategy of expressing your feelings to reach out to all your students online. If possible, you can admit the truth before them that you are teaching them for the first time online & you are learning as well.

You can also seek their help in making you learn while you teach & assuring them that you will also help them, hence forging a lasting relationship with your students.

Besides that, it will create a wave of sympathy for you as you share your emotions with your students & it will set you up for success.

Repeat your teaching style

Once you find a teaching style working for you and even your online students, please repeat it every week.

Moreover, don't expect your students to change their learning style because they are comfortable repeating the same structure & activities during the online session.

Plan your classes accordingly

By now, you know that teaching online is a different cup of tea, and your students will not sit in front of you all the time. Hence to manage tutoring classes online for a first-timer like you, planning is essential for a sound classroom environment online.

You have to layout your syllabus & materials before the class starts. By doing so, your students will get the opportunity to get a clear picture if your classroom fits the bill or not.

Avoid giving nasty surprises to your online students at all times. In a traditional classroom, surprise oral or written tests can be manageable for students, but it can be a nightmare or complete turnoff in an online classroom.

Staying available

You might have the urge to become a successful online trainer, but for reaching that milestone, you need to donate at least 20-30 hrs of your available time to Online classes scheduling to teach your students.

Whenever you address a problem that a student needs to improve on, don't put stress on time as it might make the student opt for some other teacher with more flexibility.

Hence divide enough time to all your students to train them & provide them with all the remedial measures they need on time.

Remember to be there for all your students & help them achieve their goals at all costs.

Be friendly, but also stay professional.

When it comes to teaching your students online, you have to be friendly but to have a repeat clientele; you have to stay professional & trustworthy as an online trainer.

Hence, here are some necessary points for you have to follow for bringing professionalism to your online classroom:-

  • Always be on time.
  • Make your pre-book lessons.
  • Apologize to your students immediately if you are late for your online class.
  • Always stay prepared for all kinds of situations, such as getting surprise questions from your students.
  • Send automated SMS & email reminders through Picktime online tutoring class scheduling software to confirm classes or remind students.
  • Always show a compassionate & concerned attitude towards all your students.

All these points mentioned above will help you to show effective professionalism among your students & many more will be willing to join your online classes.

Analyzing source of information

Before imparting any lessons to your students, you have to analyze the source of information before coming to a valid & verified conclusion over any subject.

You have to dive down & do research on the subject's background information before teaching it to your students. You need to consult with people like historians, scientists, authors & philosophers to verify a topic.

Think about the chaos it will cause among your students when they know that you are teaching them subjects without proper evaluation. Such a situation might eat away your reputation.

Thus, these are some of the useful 20 tips to manage tutoring classes for first-time online tutors. These points will prepare even current online students to stay prepared to become online tutors in the future.

There are a lot of ways for online tutors to manage both their students and classes. They are free to use various multimedia tools available online such as filling the lessons with video clips, songs, or literary works.

The market for online teaching is growing. Hence, there are many ways to manage & develop online teaching programs, especially with Picktime class management software.

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