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Top 10 need to know tips for every first-time salon manager

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The beauty and glamour industry is the most fascinating and ravishing one in the present world! Once you lay your heart on one such industry, you dream about the day you could give your best services to the people around you and grow into leaps and bounds!

first-time salon manager

Things are good, the progress has been made and finally, you’ve set up the salon! Hurray! What about the next move?

Here come the challenges, more often trying to suck you into the potholes and edges of failures! For every first-time salon manager, there comes a lot of obstacles while running the salon, though you have the capital and the place, everything set up so perfectly, managing the salon is not as easy as setting it up! There are things beyond reality to consider, poor management skills daunt you!

Salon managers need to juggle more roles than one might ever imagine. For the first-timers, it’s quite tough to manage everything right from the front desk operations to maintaining clean and well-organized salon! As a salon manager, you will become the heart and soul of salon progress. Be prepared to trade with all things- good and bad when it comes to managing your staff and the clients you serve to. You'll be dealing with client questions and complaints, managing inventory and team, and most likely taking on the role of hiring your team while you're at it. Becoming a salon manager is the biggest responsibility! But it's also an amusing, fast-paced job where you'll be interacting with a plethora of interesting and creative selves.

We are here with 10 need to know tips for every first-time salon manager!

  1. The hiring process-

Your business is as good as its team. Hiring the best team is very much crucial. Nobody is going to talk about how big your salon was or how good they felt talking to you, this is not a counseling center obviously. Your customers only remember how big their smiles were when they left your salon and how satisfactory your services were to them! And this is how you’re going to retain them. The recruitment process is a lengthy one. Post more adds about the vacant positions on your social media. The smarter way is to schedule the recruiting process online with online scheduling software, to save tons of time and money. Shoulder up by providing the best kind of services to your customers with the best team working on it. Hire slowly, work quickly, give your business the high-grade chance of hiring great salon staff, be meticulous by using scheduling software.

2. Great team, Great work-

As a salon manager, you need to have the immense ability to see where your team strengths and weaknesses lie. Everyone cannot excel at everything, but if you utilize every individual’s skill and put your stylists in the position to succeed, your salon will succeed, too. Motivate your team with communication, make it fun while being serious. Maintain a good rapport with the team. Monthly staff meetings are an exceptional opportunity to get your staff together and to look into any concerns or questions amongst them. If you feel that once a month isn't enough, go for having it twice a month, but nothing more than that, I suppose!

3. Quality over quantity-

To put your business a step ahead, make sure you boost up the quality in each service! Buying good quality products for your salon that show the best results on your clients will surely draw their attention and contentment. Hire a trained staff who is well-versed with his skills to sooth the clients with his services in the whole possible way. As outcomes and effects in beauty industry make a count, delivering great results will only let you attract more customers day by day.

4. Create a to-do list-

Having a daily bucket list regarding the improvement of your business is a smarter approach to build it! 80 percent of all successful men create a to-do list to organize their things well. A well-organized plan can be really helpful for you and your team to achieve the goals instead of creating a big mess by the time you have to actually look into it. Meeting your beauty product companies, hiring any vacant post, setting up team meetings or one to one meetings all such things need your daily attention. Monitor everything to run your business smoothly.

5. Build Morale and Sales-

Being a successful manager happens when you take enough time to develop your team. Make time to meet with every stylist once a week to look into their performance. Support their goals and create a friendly rapport so they feel comfortable coming to you. You can build your team morale and boost up your sales if you spend time building your stylists individually.

6. Clutter-free and paperless work-

Most of the salon owner make use of pen and paper while fixing appointments or registering clients to their service which is an ugly way to manage things. A bit of great advice from our side is to switch to an online scheduling software that is much more beneficial to cut down the flying papers from your desk and keep it clutter free.

7. Automate automate automate!-

Keep everything under your control in the smartest way possible. The technology has taken over the stress of the old long procedural methods, it has been helping humans in every possible way. Right from accessing everything with a tiny little box at your fingertips-a smartphone to what not? This is the time to introduce your business with technological enhancements. Automate your business progress and monitor everything right from your desk with online scheduling software on your side.

8. Smart scheduling-

How often do you get annoyed by the random phone calls from your customers asking you to schedule or cancel or reschedule their appointments while you keep rigorously searching for their booking flipping through pages? This ain’t a cool idea, is it? Why break your head when you could make use of Picktime that has the coolest features to provide your users with a great customer experience while booking your services? Smart scheduling software not only helps you to schedule your day, it seamlessly allows your customers to book your services anytime, any day, store all the details in the cloud so you can just log in and access from any internet enabled device, manage your team efficiently. This implicitly boosts up your productivity with time and monetary savings.

9. Social media marketing-

Social media created a great impact on human life. Use this opportunity as a platform to upgrade your business with the customer inflow and boost up your revenue. Also, you can open bookings through the book now button by integrating your booking page with the social networking handles, steak your pocket a little more and the number of people your salon shall meet will be huge...Turn all your visitors to customers and maintain a retain your old customers while welcoming new ones.

10. Weekly/Monthly reports-

Review your weekly or monthly reports about the cash inflows/outflows or the team reviews for the betterment of your business. Analyzing your revenue and targets is key to your plan of action. Cash inflows can tell you everything about the decisions made within the salon. Is there overspending on products? To make an impact as a manager, you must target the bull’s eye. Hence, it’s imperative you study the weekly or monthly reports, create your own knowledge of the budget and look at forecasting for the forthcoming days. Every decision you make should be a financial one from then on; the revenue you are going to spend is the latchkey to your success.

The above tips could help you create an impact in the beauty business you’re into. However, implementing it through online scheduling software makes it happen real quick while you stand out to be the best in your town or city!

Use Picktime- free online appointment scheduling software for all your managerial issues of your beauty salon, with time and monetary savings.

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