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Streamline scheduling: Easily schedule tutoring sessions and manage staff availability

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It was Covid19 that took the online education business by storm and changed its entire growth trajectory. Before the Covid pandemic, the digital economy was progressing at a meandering pace. In contrast, some assumed we were inching closer to a new and transformed reality, but nobody was sure exactly when. Fast forward to today, the assumption is taking shape. The Covid pandemic played an important role in precipitating the use of digital technologies. Consequently, online education is becoming more popular.

Easily schedule tutoring sessions and manage staff availability

In the sea of constant change, education is the sector that feels aftershocks.

In 2021, a survey estimated that the global e-learning market would reach $840.11 billion.

A tutoring business is one of the simplest small business ideas to set up and get started. From flexible working hours to minimal upfront costs and more growth opportunities, an online teaching business can be an admirable undertaking.

Schedule Tutoring Sessions Online with Ease: Addressing the Challenges

With online education being relatively new, newer innovations and subsequent challenges are emerging every day. Before we get into the challenges, let’s establish some common ground concerning online learning.

What we already know about online tutoring business

  • A plethora of roadblocks prevents a faster adoption rate and growth of online learning.
  • Online tutoring is a lucrative industry that is growing fast around the globe.
  • The world needs more digital natives. People who are born in a culture that has already adopted digital technology.

After the surveys and conversations with various tutors it’s easy to predict that most of them are either hesitant to go entirely online or are completely on board with online tutoring. Everyone has a different experience, however, some common threads tie them together. All tutors share some of the same delightful opportunities and pressing challenges. Read on to know some of the common problems in scheduling tutoring sessions.

Technical Issues

Even though cloud-based software for collaboration has come a long way, technical issues still hinder the online tutoring market. What will you do if you face an issue and can’t access the session? How will you solve the problem if your student cannot hear you? Or What will you do if the computer explodes?

Okay, we might have exaggerated the last one. As for the first two, technology can be frustrating but manageable. Use some of the best tech tools and platforms to interact with your students before, during, and after the class. You can also adapt many technologies to fit your unique tutoring situation.

Lack of Personal Connection with Students

People in the community view a lack of personal connection as a con. This problem is rooted in the fact that most tutors need help understanding and using the suite of tools that allows them to build personal connections with students. To most people, online interaction feels artificial compared to a physical presence.


You need students to start making profits from your online tutoring. And since you’re a tutor, not a marketer, finding students and scheduling tutoring sessions can be challenging. But no students mean no moola. Having your online presence is one of the best ways to attract students. Picktime, a simplified online appointment scheduling software, can open the gate to endless opportunities. It will not only help you in scheduling but will also assist you in managing your team. By allocating particular services to the specific staff according to their designation, Picktime helps tutors create a well-functioning environment.

What is Tutoring Software?

Tutoring software help tutors to manage the operational side of educational institutes and tutoring centers. Besides, tutoring software can manage tutors’ lessons, connections with students, administrative tasks, and track team-related activities. It can help tutors streamline scheduling, payments, and self-bookings, freeing up their time to focus on students and other preps. A few key benefits of using the scheduling software for your tutoring sessions are:

  • Freedom of online bookings
  • Speeds up customer response time
  • Eliminate chances of inefficiencies in online sessions
  • Secured database to store all the information
  • Reduces travel time
  • Easy digital payment options

Teaching is one of the most satisfying professions of all. You are molding little brains and giving them support to come out and build their own personalities. You have to put all the hard work into being the best teacher they could ask for. For tutors offering in-home sessions, private sessions, or group sessions with Picktime, you can handle it all within a few clicks.

Why Picktime is the Best Tutoring Software

You know what and how to manage your business, but a reliable system can help you streamline the operations. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in the online tutoring business, start using software like Picktime so that you’ll not need any pen, paper, or spreadsheets anymore. Picktime can give your students the freedom to self-schedule their appointments and give you a stress-free life.

Using Picktime, you can create a customizable booking page with a unique URL and a book now widget for scheduling tutoring sessions. All you need to do is sign up with Picktime for free and set up your account. Add the sessions you provide, make the available time slot visible, and you’re all set.

From education to medical to sports to entertainment to personal events, Picktime can smoothly drive all business needs. One-on-one or group sessions, automatic reminders, 24/7 bookings, team management, timezone conversation, multiple location access, and merge contacts to stay updated and connected round the clock. You can even invite parents to parent conferences and send them reminders. Users can also get detailed graphical reports of customer data, team schedules, appointment history, revenue, upcoming bookings, and all other business activities. What more do you need to make your tutoring business stand out?

Oh, wait! The list doesn’t end there. You can also give your students ease in pre-booking their slots with Picktime recurring bookings features.

And integration with other business tools - PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Meet, MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Instagram, Google Maps, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many others.

The benefits are extremely powerful, and the obstacles are minor. Online tutoring can enable you to contribute to society by educating people of all ages, locations, races, and abilities. By introducing collaboration, active communication, and quality learning in your classroom, you can ensure that your students receive valuable learning experiences regardless of where learning takes place.

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