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Book Now, Grow Now: 12 Reasons Why Instagram Book Now Button is Essential for Your Salon Business

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Whether it’s brunch, beach, or business, we often wonder if it’s Instagrammable. Over the years, Instagram has grown immensely and it continues to broaden its horizons. A simple photo-sharing app has come a long way from being a holiday picture-sharing app to now appealing to all kinds of influencers, advertisers, and brands.

Instagram Book Now Button

Instagram is the fourth most accessed social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users, with an average user spending around 30 minutes. Everyone and even their pets are on Instagram. By everyone, we mean individuals, pets, and, yes, you guessed it right, businesses. The increase of brands that have developed a reputation on Instagram has skyrocketed.

Even better, according to a survey conducted in 2021 by Instagram, more than 40 percent of users shop weekly on the platform.

But is it worth your time to use the platform for your business?

Instagram is not just for personal use anymore. It has become a global platform for brands to humanize their content, showcase their products, and inspire visitors. If you’re still not thinking about it, those potential new customers may never find their way to you. Moreover, users on Instagram aren’t just active, but they’re also engaged. They post, like, learn, comment, and share regularly.

You would be amazed to know more than 50 percent of active users visit the site daily and spend at least 7 hours per week browsing content, catching up with friends, and interacting with brands & businesses.

Build Instagram Marketing Strategy

Even after knowing all these impressive figures, you may still be unsure about getting your business on Instagram. We understand that the platform can be intimidating at first. Several businesses feel pressured to establish their presence on social media platforms, and they forget about staying authentic in that rush. Don’t repeat this mistake.

Work on a strategy before diving right into the platform. Photos, videos, creativity, everything fits well with this platform, but a strategy will ultimately determine what content you should focus on. Since Instagram is different from other platforms, it requires a distinct strategy to work on which includes:

  • Set proper goals
  • Determine your target audience
  • Conduct a competitive analysis
  • Build a consistent brand
  • Grow your follower base

What is Instagram Book Now Button Feature

At this point, it’s safe to accept that your clients and competitors are using Instagram. Appointments are the way you schedule your salon services. But staying on top of trends can become a little complicated. Instagram’s ‘Book Now’ button feature is the perfect option for businesses to start scheduling appointments. The ‘Book Now’ feature is one of the Instagram call-to-action buttons for Instagram business accounts.

How to add "Book Now Button" to your Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram Action Buttons have made it extremely simple to arrange any service or purchase a product. Adding one to your business will help increase traffic and generate more leads while increasing sales. At a time only a single Action Button can be added to your profile, but you can change them according to your needs. Action Buttons are worth using because they're simple and compelling calls to action. Moreover, Action Button metrics are easy to measure, so businesses can properly monitor bookings, reservations, orders, or sales to see how much profit it’s delivering.

Instead of creating a whole system, taking notes, and updating about when and where you should meet clients, you can accomplish all the tasks in a few clicks. To use this functionality you must have an account with an approved Instagram scheduling partner. Other than that, you’ll also need to link your Instagram account with a Facebook business page. The feature is cost-effective and saves your time as well.

Why Instagram Book Now Button is Essential For Salon Business

It’s the possibility of getting discovered by new customers Instagram can help with. Not sure how?

Picture this! You’re a salon owner, and one of your clients is extremely happy with her new haircut and can’t stop clicking pictures. Now to flaunt her new look when she shares those pictures on Instagram, her followers like her new look and are curious about the salon. What’s now? They know your salon’s name, and that’s how new clientele will land on your Insta handle and soon to your salon.

But how are we so sure about that? Because that’s exactly what Instagram's 'Book Now’ button does - converting the profile visitors into paying customers.

Fewer Steps to Follow

Allowing users to book directly from Instagram shortens the buying cycle. That’s why we would like to introduce you to a simplified scheduling software for your salon business, Picktime.

Picktime is a free web-based appointment scheduling software for the beauty & wellness industry. From bookings to the updated calendar, automated reminders, payments, invoice generation, resource management, administrative tasks, or customer interaction, it can handle all your business-related requirements. Instead of redirecting the visitors to another website or link, they can complete the whole booking process on the Instagram interface itself. Picktime makes it quicker for users to checkout so that they’ll complete the booking with your salon services without thinking about your competitors.

24/7 Bookings

As the world becomes more mobile and everything can be done on a device, your salon business must adapt to the latest changes.

With the global market reaching $ 233.8 billion, the salon service industry has risen moderately in the past few years. Research states that around 40% of online bookings happen after business hours. With Picktime software, you can fulfill this requirement effortlessly.

Using Picktime, users will get 24/7 access at multiple locations with regular automated SMS & email reminders.

Faster Conversion

How many times have you window-shopped online, loved the shoes, and ended up buying those? Ever wonder what makes you take that decision within seconds? That small Buy Now option on the website.

And it’s not only us saying research conducted in 2022 states that more than 60% of users take faster actions if prompted.

When clients are exploring and looking for ways to book with you on Instagram, a clear action button can nudge them to close that deal faster.

Reduced Human Errors

How many lost clients due to silly mistakes made at the time of appointment booking? Instagram Book Now button lets customers self-schedule, ruling out the possibility of communication errors. In addition, Picktime's easy appointment bookings can help you give an effortless customer experience, reducing the chances of any blunder. Users can easily drag and drop to reschedule appointments. Using Picktime, users will get a customizable booking page with a unique URL for your website. You can store all customer data securely in one place, which will help you generate future marketing campaigns.

Virtual Receptionist

Instagram Book Now button will handle your clients and their bookings giving you more time to invest in other areas that require more human intervention. Using Picktime for your online salon service bookings is like having a 24/7 virtual receptionist. It will represent your salon business even after working hours. And believe us, it will cost you less than what you’re paying your receptionist now!

Popularity & Ease of Booking

Everyone is on Instagram, your friends, your parents, your neighbors, and your neighbor’s dog. Literally. In the same list, your clients are also on Instagram. It’s an easily accessible platform to find things, like or save them, or even book them. When you give the ease of booking salon services with the Instagram Book Now button, you’re making a difference and rising above your competitors.

Decreased No Show

Medical, salons, education, or sports, take any industry you want, wasted time by no showed clients can be a little frustrating. Financial issues, scheduling conflicts, environmental effects, or wait times the reasons for no-shows can be anything. By using Picktime appointment scheduling software, the available slot will be visible to other visitors instantly. Along with that, users will also receive automated SMS & email reminders so that your customers don’t forget to show up.

Empowered Clients

Have you ever dealt with picky customers? Yes, almost always. Right?

That’s because almost everyone wants to take charge of their things. Handpicking services of their choice and the team member of their choice will empower your clients. A few other ways to make your clients feel empowered are:

  • Provide them optimized experience.
  • Help them save time
  • Pay attention to their concerns
  • Provide them with a secure platform
  • Give them the right to easily opt-out

Paperless Account Handling

With Picktime scheduling software, you can go paperless and modernize your salon services. Other than text, users can fill in digits, dropdowns, checkboxes, date responses, and special characters. Using Picktime, you can use the booking form feature and customize the form according to your needs to collect all the required information and streamline valuable collected data.

Extra Features

You've ever faced a situation where you need little last-minute makeup touch-ups before going to a special event, but it’s too late to ring the bell of your local salon, and you wish there would be a 24/7 open desk! Yes, that is exactly our point. The Book Now button on Instagram is itself an added feature. Proof of extra efforts to make your customers happier.

Less Waiting Time

Clients generally don’t like being told when they can come for the service. By presenting them with a full view of your calendar you are letting them decide and book from all the free spaces. How can you do that? Picktime. With its easy calendar integration users can sync their calendar (Google/Apple/Outlook) with Picktime calendar to easily add and check the slot availability in real-time. By providing these little extras, you can make a huge difference, impacting their decision when choosing between you and your competition.

Faith Is Very Powerful

You’re in a new city going out shopping, which store would you go to? The one where the dress on the display grabbed your attention. Or the one your friend purchased a gorgeous dress from and recommended to you. Exactly our point!

This is how clients will come to your salon services. When they have recommendations for the choice they’re making, they’ll have faith in your name and services. And if they find the Instagram Book Now button right there while scrolling through your Insta handle, Bam! Service is booked and you just gained another client.

There’s nothing more important than honesty and quality service for customers. They want business interactions that make their daily life simple. As more clients turn towards self-service software, it’s valuable for salon business owners to look for an extraordinary tool. And what better choice can be than Picktime: for happy customers who keep coming back.

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