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Benefits Of Help Desk And Call Center Staff Scheduling Software

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Call center co-sourcing is when a company has few of their call center agents working in-house and a few others working for an external service provider. The external service provider manages the recruiting, hiring, training, staffing and managing of their call center agents as well as the daily operations. Consequently, call center co-sourcing is a lower risk alternative to outsourcing and more cost-effective than maintaining an entire in-house workforce of call center agents.

Call Center Staff Scheduling

Managing all the operations of a call center is as tiresome as spending endless hours spent on answering customer calls. Apart from managing the staff to extend the customer services through phone calls round the clock throughout the year, it is challenging to maintain the workflow and other administrative works at the same time. On the other hand, hiring, recruiting and training the staff needs special attention by providing them training classes. Call centers need workers with good communication skills, telephone with a headset and a computer. Perhaps this is not the only job that holds the call centers in place there are some hidden points to consider too, efficient staff schedules and proper training schedules! All the internal and sometimes external management could be the factors to efficiently run the call centers and provide satisfaction to your customers.

On a further note, the productivity of your call center highly depends on how well you manage the workforce. You can’t expect burnt out agent come working for you each day with great productivity. Either they continue working while becoming less productive or they quit entirely. To prevent burnout and increase agent productivity, have a well put-together schedule in place.

To make sure your scheduling method is effective and beneficial for the team, take note of each agent’s availability using the booking software. Figure out shifts that have gaps and fill them out with new hires; don’t fill them out with current agents going on overtime as this can contribute to a decrease in productivity. With the touches of technology into your workplace, you could immensely save the thankless hours or organizing staff meetings and schedules. Offer your team flexible working hours by using Picktime- online free scheduling software that perfectly fits into handling your call center managerial issues.

Picktime is a free web-based software that can handle all your staff schedules, hiring or recruiting tasks, and scheduling training sessions to new staff with ease. Take the hassle off your shoulders and level up by integrating with us. Let your staff choose their flexible shifts or know when they’re free to do their jobs! Doing this boosts up your company productivity as well as brings in more revenue. This online scheduling software allows easy access for your clients or your staff to schedule time with them. And Picktime sends email or text reminders so that appointments are never missed. This clear form of communication keeps everyone informed. Picktime shuts down the back and forth of accustomed sales scheduling so you can get back to business and fill your pockets.

Benefits of using Picktime

1. Exceptional Customer Experience-

Picktime offers you an excellent scheduling experience throughout the booking cycle. Give the best user experience to your clients through our appointment scheduling tool. Send automated SMS and email reminders to them about their upcoming appointment as a confirmation or reminder.

2. Efficient Team Management-

Your services are as good as your team. Call center agents are people. They get exhausted and get burnt out. They get anxious and stressed. And one surefire way to make your employees feel all of these things is asking them to work overtime. Manage all the staff efficiently by scheduling them with flexible time slots for their jobs. With this amazing feature, you don’t have to look twice for managing your staff schedules. You can also change or delete or add day offs or rooster to the schedules by the drag and drop option from your booking page.

3. Greater Accessibility-

Picktime can be accessed from anywhere. It is a Web portal that enhances agent-supervisor interaction. Supervisors can review staff schedules, approve or decline agent exceptions and schedule requests, and view critical reports. Staffs can enter exceptions or bids and see their schedules at any time. These tasks can be performed from any Web browser and any device connected to the internet.

4. Automated Reminders-

Reminders can be printed when scheduling the appointment or emailed/sent as an SMS prior to the appointments. It also prevents double booking or booking conflicts of the same time slot by requests from different channels.

5. Customized Dashboard-

Through Picktime, you can take quick glances every morning at your daily agenda and work through it. You could also track down who you gotta meet and also save some personal space for you while tracking down your entire business right from your desk or mobile.

Picktime helps agent turnover and increase their productivity, support revenue growth, as well as create a work environment where each employee feels esteemed. It will initially feel like you’re doing everything for the employees, but the outcomes help you arrive at the realization that when you value your workforce, your savings and productivity skyrocket.

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