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9 Tips for Creating an Amazing College Class Schedule

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Scheduling classes for the students and professors is a complex task. Some colleges/universities provide more courses to the students to opt for and also for the professors to teach the courses to the students. The College/University should prepare the class schedule for both students and professors. It’s very difficult.

College Class Schedule

Here are some tips for creating the class schedule

Choose the courses and professors:

The first thing is you have to choose the courses that you are providing. Next, choose the professors for the courses. This is a major aspect of scheduling classes. Suppose you offer courses to the students and there is no professor to the course, it creates a bad impression on the college/university. Also, see that you are having an equivalent number of professors for the courses. If there are more professors than you required it’s a loss for the college. So, choose the professors as per the requirements and remove the course if there is no suitable professor. This improves your class schedule process.

Provide ranking to the professors:

In the schedule you are creating, make sure that the professor has the rating. This rating is that which was already given by students whom he/she taught. Also, try to mention the specification of the professor in the schedule. This gives clarity to the students to whom they can opt for the course.

Provide breaks in schedule:

Make sure that you provide breaks in the schedule you prepared. It’s compulsory for both students and professors. Breaks make them relax. Continuous teaching or listening classes make their brain overloaded. So see that you are providing at least 2-3 breaks in their schedule. This makes their brain refresh and makes them active. This leads them to get more concentration, creativity, energy, and so on.

Minimum time:

Every class you are scheduling should have a time duration. Teaching or listening to the same class makes them bored and inactive. See that the duration of the class shouldn’t exceed more than 50 minutes, for lunch is 1 hour at least and for the break at least 15-20 minutes.

Schedule the classes early:

Make sure you keep classes in the early hours. In research, it was said that most of our brains work very sharp, and also IQ levels are very high in the early hours. This makes them work very effectively and efficiently. By scheduling classes early, you can add or remove classes when you need them. This gives a good response from students as well as professors.

Take Advice while scheduling:

Be very careful while scheduling, don’t collide the classes. It’s better to have advice from others who already had experience in scheduling. Don’t neglect any suggestions given by others. All suggestions will have a little meaning, catch that meaning and “Think big”. Think in such a way that you can solve any issue in the future.

Add Unique classes:

While scheduling is better to see that both are having a different experience like adding labs, classes like extracurricular activities. This makes it a little interesting for students as well as professors. Adding these classes makes them understand the subjects in a practical way. And also giving some time to their interesting activities. This helps to know their hidden talents. And also it’s some kind of refreshment.

Better to have scheduling software:

After completion of all the above steps, We have to handle it. This gives a lot of chaos to the people. So, it is better to have scheduling software, Picktime. It provides many features, you can add professors and students, add breaks, add time duration for each class, and what not many…. The good thing is that it has a free plan. Even students can choose the time of class based on professors’ availability.

Maintain a backup plan:

Always plan for unexpected things to happen and schedule accordingly. You plan one thing and if things go wrong then there is a waste of time. So be ready to face any situation and plan accordingly. So there will be no disappointment for you. Always better to have 2 plans. It may or may not be useful but for the safe side.

I hope all the above tips will help you in creating an amazing schedule for your college or university. I hope you all like this.

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