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Coaches: 10 Tools to Help Keep Your Schedule Organized

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The varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that coaches bring the best out of their students. It is no surprise that they still lack efficient ways of monitoring their workflow. Extending the accustomed training methods that focus more on guiding an individual to get their needs and accomplishments with close and keen observation. Coaching has brought positive vibes to the world.

Coaching Scheduling Software

Perhaps, it is meant to help your clients add positive changes and motivation to their lifestyle. As a coach, you spend most of your time nurturing and on-boarding your clients with all your strength and efforts. Yet, sometimes you get hitched with the clerical jobs, emails and lots of paperwork to keep.

This is the time when you lose the track of time and end up falling sick of all the tedious work. You will no longer find love for the work you do in the same way you did earlier! all you will have is stress to handle. This is the right time to switch to technology that could make your life a lot easier.

No one can dispute the myriad of benefits technology has brought us. It’s undoubtedly allowed us to connect, perform, improve and leverage our resources beyond what was once imaginable. If you’re not taking advantage of one of the hundreds of time management apps and tools out there, you’re definitely missing a trick. Here’s to the technology that can keep up with your work while saving your time and money.

There’s nothing quite like finding the right tool that makes your job so much easier. It can take a bit of searching and experimentation, but when you start using it, it can be hard to remember a time when you didn’t have it. It becomes that integrated into your day-to-day cycle! It doesn’t matter where you are in your coaching journey—whether you are just starting out with your first few clients or you are starting to expand your business.

Everyone can benefit from having the right tools in their pockets. Since coaching can be a specialized industry, it’s important to find the right coaching software that will work for you rather than against you. To ease your clients into the coaching process and enhance their experience, here are a few coaching tools to help you make a great first and lasting impression.

1. Picktime-

As you grow your coaching business, you find yourself spending a lot of time checking your emails or answering phone calls from all your clients or scheduling sessions with new clients hence reaching a point where you spend more time working on your administration rather than coaching and that’s how you see a downfall in your performance. Cut down the email ping-pong or the long questionnaires on calls by using Picktime web-based scheduling software that is a perfect fit in for any kind of business would undoubtedly, blend into coaching business too.

Setting up your account with Picktime is incredibly simple, and it helps you determine what times and dates you’re available while blocking off times or day off when you’re unavailable. You can customize all your coaching session time slots depending on the type of coaching calls, whether one on one or group sessions. You can also add buffer times in between sessions to take rest or boost up your energy or hold some personal time. Sync your favorite calendar, Google or outlook and make your bookings a piece of cake. With plenty of features such as adding unlimited services or staff, if any, managing team schedules, sending automated reminders it is safe to say this tool is a home run for small businesses, organizations, and solo entrepreneurs alike that is absolutely free of cost with no installation charges or premium memberships.

Picktime also has a highly rated customer service team that is available to answer all your questions at any time.

2. You can book me-

You can book me helps you the best when you have multiple teams working at multiple timings and locations with the option of quickly changing the time zones. Shortly, this is best known for its simplicity to manage all your team and clients from one place. Schedule all your sessions displaying your booking page and your staff bookings from a single platform cutting down on double bookings and booking conflicts with your team. You can book me provides a 14 days free trial and then price you according to the needs.

3. Mbody360-

This app helps to keep your clients in a fitness track by creating and delivering customized health plans for all your clients. The personalized strategies will help you build stronger relationships with each client. It also lets you monitor and track metrics together through the app. All of the data that needs to be captured is stored in this conveniently. It also comes with a large library of customizable nutrition plans including recipes, shopping lists, and daily meal plans. You can track your clients sleep, nutrition, meditation, supplementation, and body metrics so you are always up-to-date with your clients progress. Your clients also have powerful advantages with access to their own health plan on the app. They can get started as soon as you assign them with the specific plan and are able to track their progress right away. This reduces any confusion and will help strengthen client retention.

4. LinkedIn-

If you think of LinkedIn as a large database of resumes and nothing else, you’re so wrong. It’s a magnificent source of information and a social network. Make use of your profile and network to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, providing a touchpoint for potential clients. Post cool stuff about your coaching classes or diet plans and explore others while doing it too. This way you can build a large client base and expand your business like never before. Warm leads are always better than cold ones, and LinkedIn is a golden source of warm fronts.

5. Google Drive-

Although google drive isn’t any coach-specific software or app, you can keep it as a simple system being the most mobile-friendly or desktop-friendly app. You can store all your digital forms and enter your client contacts manually ( though, that’s a drawback for large enterprises) and refer to it whenever you want within a couple of clicks.

6. Zoom-

If video recordings sound interesting but you’re trying to figure out how you’ll meet with coaching clients during a live session, you may want to explore Zoom. It has become a crowd favorite among many coaches, and for good reason. Although Skype and Google Hangouts have similar video conferencing capabilities, Zoom has won millions of hearts all over the world because of its comfort of use and how simple it is to schedule video conferences. It’s even better for coaches who want to hold group coaching programs. Zoom is best known for having great picture and sound quality with a more reliable connection to the internet.

7. Evernote-

Sometimes you may want to jot down impportant notes for your clients while training them. Earlier you would write down your thoughts on a notebook or memo pad, but then you have faced the problems in transferring them to your computer to share them with your client. Instead, you can create an Evernote account that can be accessed on any device. Evernote seamlessly allows you to create a full-blown note organization system. If you are managing multiple clients at a time, their notes can be accessed from one single platform. This makes it easy for you to find and share them with your clients. It’s been named “the best note-taking app”, and we happen to agree! You can create to-do lists for your clients, share your strategies and ideas, and collaborate inside the documents for a streamlined process in between sessions.

8. Whatsapp-

No wonder WhatsApp has got to swoon us with the greatest way of communicating with people anywhere in the world, absolutely free of cost. We can share media, important documents, PDFs, assignments, audio clips, etc..What if you want to communicate with your clients over text messages, but you don’t want the SMS messaging fees that come along with it? Whatsapp is an easy and secure way to message or call people when connected to a network by using your internet connection. If you want to communicate through text with clients who are abroad, Whatsapp is the perfect way to keep all of your communication in one place without expensive data charges. You can utilize the app on your mobile or web.

9. Nudgecoach-

Nudge Coach gives you the power to take your personalized coaching to a larger scale. You can provide each one of your clients with a unique experience to ensure they are staying on track with their goals.Nudgecoach lets you check-in with your clients in advance so they get to trust you that they are being taken care of. This keeps them to stay on track with their health goals. It is the perfect app for staying in touch with your clients and communicating with them every now and then, especially as your coaching business starts to grow at a large scale.

10. Mealgarden-

Meal Garden is a fantastic software tool for health coaches who sell meal plans or nutrition plans. This app gives you access to thousands of healthy recipes, lets you add your own, and has a complete algorithm that allows you to adjust meal plans specific to your client's weight loss/gain goals and needs. The meal plan templates include a full nutritional breakdown so your client knows exactly what to buy at the food store without leaving anything up for guessing.

With the ever-growing demand in coaching, it’s wiser to stay up-to-date with technology if you put yourself a step ahead of the competition. You can now improve customer acquisition, develop client retention, and create a better customer onboarding experience by utilizing all the coaching apps and software tools mentioned above.

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