How do you find the right scheduling software that’s a perfect fit for your business?

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There are certain changes that ought to be welcomed when you’re ambitious enough to build your business. One such change is trading your old school methods of scheduling with the online scheduling software. It incredibly saves your time and magically fills your pockets with a magnificent increase in the revenue.

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Although you might have already laid your hands on this software earlier, you may not be contented with the results? Perhaps you wanted your scheduling software to be more effective when it comes to accessibility and the ease in using it.

Isn't it pathetic to know that most of the companies still use pen and paper for noting down the customer details and then fix appointments? Imagine what would happen if they need to go through a piece of information after a month? Screwed, definitely end up flipping through lots and lots of pages, killing time!

You know the drill! At least one amongst your employers spend most of their time everyday on phone with frustrating back and forth questions from your customers just to book an appointment? Sounds silly but trust me it’s pretty much annoying.

Sometimes, leaving you with accidental double bookings and utmost chaos.

Later on, when it comes to reminding your customers about their bookings, leaving 50 voice messages every day is not an easy task for your team, also recent studies show that customers actually prefer receiving appointment reminders through SMS and emails. What’s more? Automated reminders are much effective at getting people to show up. It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and take those thankless hours back to foster your administration.

Scheduling software is not just about fixing your agenda or displaying your booking page, it’s a lot more than you could ever imagine! If your scheduling software could cut down your manual work and save your time immensely then you’ve got the right one at your fingertips!

The real challenge is how would you know that you’ve chosen the right one amongst the hundreds of software available on the internet?

To help you alleviate the confusion, we’ve bundled a list of features that are to be considered while choosing the tool

First of all, how long does it take to implement this software into your business?

Blending your business into the software must be a piece of cake. Generally, It could take an hour or a day or months to perfectly make it adaptable to the kind of business you own. It all depends on the complexity of your business and how well you want to make use every feature available in that tool.

As the complexity increases with the number of branches you hold, the multiple locations they’re at, how big your team is, and how large your service menu is, the longer it takes to set up.

Secondly, does the scheduling software only restrict to bookings?

As mentioned earlier, a good scheduling software mustn’t get confined to book appointments- it should rather be stuffed with features like staff schedules, integration of social media handles, storing your customer database, sending automated reminders and most importantly be available round the clock for bookings (unlike humans- we’re not always available to attend)

Just imagine how awesome it is to have such software at your fingertips. You don't have to pay your manager or the receptionist hourly to sit at your desk and fix your appointments. You don't have to get into the humdrum of managing your staff when working at different locations neither worry about losing your customer with accidental double bookings or fail them with disorganized work atmosphere.

All you gotta do is sign up and let your customers book with you seamlessly instead, put the load to where it belongs- in your customer's hands.

Which one is a preferable booking software?

One of the most frequently asked question by all those who need a scheduling software - Which one should I prefer? Is it the desktop application or the one that is available online? Well, let me shoot another question on you! Why would you prefer something that’s very confined to your device or requires installation charges or takes time to access it? Your ultimate motto is to save time and make scheduling a cake walk, isn't it?

Web-based appointment scheduling is the best option for greater accessibility and a user-friendly interface for customer’s satisfaction while using it.

Well, Cloud computing has made it easier to store all the data and access it from anywhere, any device whether a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop or a desktop. Cheers to that!

How many bucks do you have to invest to get a worthy one?

The cost of scheduling software could range from zero investment to thousands.

Nevertheless, the free online scheduling software still has the best features sufficient for most of the businesses. One such free web-based software filled with amazing features is Picktime.

Try finding the best online scheduling software that would not cost you more than you need. Invest only in the one that can actually fit in your business well...Obviously, there are many more factors to consider when comparing scheduling software. For example, What level of security do they provide? What type of support do they offer? How much do they charge for accessing all the features?

How effective is it when it has to drop in more customers?

With the digital revolution, the internet has become a source for every problem. Need to find a plumber to fix a leaking pipe? Surf the internet! Need to sell your car? Post it on the internet! Need to buy some clothes or groceries? Shop them on the internet… what not? Everything gets done with a couple of clicks.

No wonder the social media has also taken over the race! People are more influenced through social media than any other form of education. This is the place where you will have the best scope for marketing, attract your customers while keeping your trustworthy ones by integrating your social media pages with the scheduling software and make bookings a single click process. Dump the long buffering to lead your customer to the home page and then find the booking page. Your scheduling software must be easily accessible from other platforms as well, keep that in mind!

With all these factors twirling in your brain you have to choose the most suitable software for your business. Make use of Picktime -the smartest scheduling software of its kind, for Free, I ’m pretty sure you’ll love all its features.

Good luck with happy scheduling!

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