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How does online scheduling streamlines Embassies and Consulates?

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Travelling has become a favorite leisure pursuit in the recent era. With the invention of air travel, thanks to the Wright brothers, unveiling new ways to travel from one place to another all across the globe. Air travel is a muse to a lot of people who love traveling. They find comfort in traveling by air as it is the only way that saves tons of your time! Flying is faster than making the same trip by boat or by car, especially with destinations that are increasingly far off… Often people travel on different purposes, on work, on enthusiasm, on vacation or on distant studies! With the growing opportunities to travel to any other country, the popularity and accessibility of air travels have also made embassies and consulates across the globe, busier than ever. The primary purpose of an embassy is to assist its citizens who travel to or live in the host country.

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The Foreign Service Officers also interview citizens of the host country who wish to travel for business, education, or tourism purposes. Embassy staff interacts with representatives of the government, local businesses, nongovernmental organizations, the media, and educational institutions, as well as private citizens to increase the understanding between countries and know its policies to collaborate on shared interests.

As the embassies and consulates have their roles to play, people are still facing issues while waiting for their turn standing in the long ques outside the embassies. Thus reducing the effectiveness and productivity of the embassies, killing the ultimate goal of serving people who want to travel to another country.

However, the existence of online scheduling software has looked into the functionality troubles of the embassies and consulates. Many organizations across the globe are finding online scheduling as a peace sign to streamline their operations. By accepting appointments online, they could easily cut down on wait times, boost the processing times, eliminate the freight of long in-person ques – and much more.

Let's go through each one of the benefits

The online scheduling software suits both the embassies and the consulates perfectly because it helps to organize all kind of operations on a single platform. It the one-stop solution for every management fixing issues. The procedures can be divided into several categories with numerous consultants in each category if required. Each of the authorities can then have their own working hours schedule, which can be adjusted and tracked directly from any smart devices such as mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops, supplied by the online scheduling software.

If the embassy or consulate has special days closed, they can set all representatives off specifically on such occasions. The robust and secure cloud computing can provide reliable security to the system so that personal data becomes highly secure.

Less paperwork, clutter-free environment-

Almost all those who provide services to the clients face the worst of nightmares, responding to hundreds of phone calls and query emails, zero effectiveness when it comes to answering each and every doubt. Making notes with a pen and paper, holding the clients call for more than a minute and then end up wasting your time is the dumbest way of dealing things, instead let your scheduling software play its key role while fixing appointments, put all such obstacles out of your way while your clients have the flexibility to make appointments with your consuls.

Increased staff efficiency-

The daily job of your consuls is to manage visas, passports, birth registrations, and other related procedures. Each one of them working in various departments has their own terms, with the multiple departments working in the same or multiple locations it gets tedious for you to manage all the stuff at once. Enough is enough! The best thing the online scheduling software could do apart from fixing appointments for interviews or meetings is scheduling your staff, it brings everyone under the same roof such that you can manage them with a couple of clicks.

Know your team and their weekly/monthly performance through the online scheduling software that uniquely produces reports every month.

This works by cutting down on time spent manually accepting and managing appointments through the back and forth phone calls.

When your clients understand that they can book online, most of them would find it easy – which means the less direct burden on your receptionists or managers.

Once online booking is set up, your staff schedules will automatically fill with approved appointments. From here, schedules can be viewed at any time, even via smartphones.

With their schedules more optimized, well-organized, and hassle-free, your consuls will then have more time to indulge themselves into other administrative matters. In this way, online booking is just as life-changing for your consuls just like it is for your clients.

Round the clock availability for bookings-

One of the biggest flaws of accustomed phone-based or email-based appointment booking is the poor availability. Many consulates and embassies only offer limited hours of operation to the clients. This often annoys the clients or worry much about their problems as there is nobody to respond to them immediately.

This creates a narrow way for all your clients to call-in and may increase rush-hour situations where phone call volume is high at specific times of the day. The resulting flooding of phone calls and call-waiting could become nerve-racking for your staff and disappoint your clients.

By allowing online booking, your clients will be able to book at their preference, round the clock, even when your doors are closed or the call pending.

Better late than never, most embassy and consulate scheduling software is easily integrated with your professional website or Facebook page or any other social media handles. Your smartphone clients will be pleased, too, as mobile bookings are also made easier.

Automated reminders-

You don’t have to carry the extra pressure when an appointment is booked, edited, or canceled, appointment scheduling software can immediately notify the involved individuals automatically, also displays it on your staff’s dashboard. notified by email or SMS (text message) alerts, appointment notifications can completely transform how your team manages their schedules

Instead of having to take the pain in checking manually with a pen-and-paper schedule or even a digital form and kill your time, your consuls and clients can be notified directly when any adjustments are made to their upcoming appointments. There’s no more need for back-and-forth phone or email communication – the best way to manage your appointments is automated and comfortable.

The best and the smartest scheduling software of its kind is freely available, without any installation charges or premium memberships- just sign up with Picktime and unwrap all the golden features that work like magic to put all your things together.

Picktime is embedded with all the golden features like color-coded appointments, custom fields, drag and drop option, customized dashboard, and timely scheduling making it easier than ever to manage schedules and upcoming bookings seamlessly.

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